Effects of Temperature On Exercising


Which do you prefer; hot or cool environmental temperature? Or how do you feel about high heat and humidity?  Well, now throw in high intensity exercise into the mix, and see how the environment of where you are effects the VO2max  measurement of your workout. VO2max is the measurement of the amount of oxygen is used during intense activity or exercise. Top athletes take the VO2max measurement seriously because depending on the environmental temperature they are in, the individual / athlete might know how to better prepare or possibly expect changes in their performance.

Changes to the individual / athlete also varies among men and women. Studies have shown that in some cases, there was no effect or change in the VO2max measurement with respect to the environmental temperature.  Now, humidity levels produced some different results according to one report mentioned in an article in the Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness. That report indicates that there was a significant increased VO2max in R.H.(Relative Humidity) that was increased from 45% to 95% R.H. with a temperature at 68 degrees F.   Read full article here:

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