Health and Loving Where You Live


Do you find yourself continually complaining about the weather, nasty neighbors, noise pollution, and on and on? With respect to weather primarily, this is what I went through because I lived in one of the coldest states in America. Every year, I dreaded the winter season that was coming. I knew that by August 1ST, I would see some leaves on the trees turning yellow in color. In my mind, that meant this was the season of life indoors, wearing several layers of clothing, and doing very little physical activity.

Life seems so much easier in warmer more comfortable climates. I was always happier, more active, and enjoyed my daily life more in the Spring and Summer seasons. But there are many people who love the change of seasons as well. As a kid, I looked forward to the longer daylight, dressing in shorts and t-shirts, swimming at the lake, and enjoying some ice cream on a sunny hot afternoon.

This begs the question, do you love the place where you live? Does being happy contribute to improved or better health? Well, there have been many studies done on these very questions. Is loving where you live connected to being physically healthier? According to, a gallup poll says that people satisfied with their community are physically healthier. And continues to say that a survey can’t draw a causal link between community and individual health, but research suggests the two are linked.   Read complete article here:


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