Better For Weight Loss: Exercise or Diet

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Which is better: weight loss with exercise or diet?

Many people today dread the thought of spending 30 minutes a day biking, running, doing a few nautilus machines. Some people don’t even enjoy the activity as simple as walking. Which really is a shame and a loss for them. Living an active lifestyle provides so many benefits, of which one of them can be weight loss.


Exercise may not be the most effective method to weight loss by itself. There must be a combination of different forms of exercise and diet intake choices. According to an article in, a study completed by researchers at Duke University learned that while performing cardio exercise, one of two study groups lost more weight versus the other group performing resistance training. As well, Chris Slientz, Ph.D., assistant professor of medicine at Duke University suggests “its what and how much you eat has a far greater impact on how much weight you lose.”

Years ago, there was a supplement product that included a fitness plan and supplement intake called Cybergenics. I was desperate to try and shape my physique by way of tone, muscular cut and definition, etc. So I researched Cybergenics, and learned about it, and felt comfortable that it was safe to try.  The program consisted of taking the supplement, but also following a very strict diet plan as well. This diet plan was difficult to follow, and probably anyone who followed it strictly, would have lost weight even without taking the supplement. This is what my nutritional intake consisted of during the first couple of days.

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Morning:   one slice of Peanut butter, ½ grapefruit, water

Lunch:     Can of tuna on crackers, carrots, water

Dinner:     Boiled chicken, broccoli, crackers, water

When the plan suggested boiled chicken and broccoli for breakfast, that was it, I discontinued it. My stomach couldn’t handle having bland, boiled chicken for breakfast.  I recently did some research on the old Cybergenics product, and it appears that it may have been a scam. According to, there were a few other supplement products that turned out to be scams from the 1980s and 1990s.   An interesting article, read complete article here:

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Well, now that I am older, I realize that there is no need to starve myself, that if you make time to exercise, and eat healthy, natural, sensible nutrition that you can maintain a healthy weight and life. Now, my fit life regime consists of a combination of natural eating, yoga, mat Pilates, weight training, hiking, and walking.

When I feel I need to burn more body fat, I will do a few 10 minute fat burner moves and an exercise regime called Spartacus. If you need to burn some of that adipose fat away, then these exercise techniques will burn it off.  I’ve done it and it works. This might be regime classified in the Hiit arena (high intensity interval training)I will be writing about the Spartacus workout later in my next blog post.

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So, you may not want to get so caught up in one method or the other of how to slim down. Keep it simple, eat healthy and less, and do more.  You put less in and you add more output.

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