Florida has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches! As much as I love the mountains and trails, I also love to kick back on the beach. The beach, however, is not only for relaxing, it is also a great place to have fun! There are several activities that accompany the typical day at the beach. Some of these activities can be done anytime of the year in a place like Florida. You may want to add these gorgeous gulf coast Florida three Best Beaches to your list.


Summer is the time of year I think mostly about going to the beach. For many, Summer is the season of making memories of fun times with family, enjoying picnics, barbecue and watermelon! But remember in Florida, you can go and enjoy a day at the beach just about any day, anytime of the year. Now that you can pretty much visit the beach anytime, let’s take a look at all the fun activities you can do as well.

Fun Things To Do At The Beach

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Remember we are discussing the activities besides relaxing that you can do on the beach. Check out these activities:

  • 1. Walking or running
  • 2. Play volleyball
  • 3. Play frisbee
  • 4. Build sand castles
  • 5. Swim
  • 6. Jetski
  • 7. Windsurf
  • 8. Beach yoga
  • And much more! Check out these fun do it yourself things to do at the beach here.

I’ve spent a lot of time at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are even a few I’ve been to that are located in areas not open to the general public. These include my days in the military at Diego Garcia, or Bellows Beach in Hawaii. Some of the hottest beaches in the world one might say are located in the state of Florida.

Siesta Key Beach, FL. FitlifeandTravel.com

The Summer season climate in Florida can be quite hot, and uncomfortable at times. I don’t let that get in the way of making my plans of a beach day. I enjoy going to the beach any time of the year. As many folks take their Spring Break vacations, you might want to take a look at these three best beaches on the gulf coast!

Best Beaches on Florida’s Gulf Coast

1.Siesta Key BeachDirections


Siesta Key Beach is located on Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida. This is the beach of all beaches! It’s the beach you dream of with wide spaces of beautiful white sand of which the sand is cool to the touch. During the scorching days of Summer, the sand can be very hot to walk on. Not here, the sand at Siesta Key Beach is cool and very fine. Sand at this beach is comprised of Quartz and has a luxurious and cool feel to the feet!

Siesta Key Drum Circle

You will find a nice facility and large parking lot at this beach. There are clean restrooms, water fountain, and benches. And at times, you might even catch a live band playing and other events going on. Events such as seafood festivities, or the Siesta drum circle are a recurring thing.

IMG_5264 web

The interesting Drum Circle gathering happens every Sunday evening around Sunset. This is the traditional Siesta Key Beach Drum Circle where people gather in a large circle and a few folks will be playing instruments and beach goers can hula hoop or dance.

Siesta Key is one beach you must visit on your next trip to Florida! The accolades for this beach are quite impressive.

  • whitest and finest sand in the world (The Great International Beach Challenge, 1987)
  • Best San Beach in America (The Travel Channel, 2004)
  • Best Beach in America (Dr. Beach, 2011, 2017)
  • 2015 awarded #1 U.S. Beach (Street sign posted on Siesta Key)
Siesta Key Beach Drum Circle Celebration
2. Bradenton Beach: Directions

2. Bradenton Beach Directions

Bradenton Beach can be found located on Anna Marie Island in Bradenton, Florida. From I-75 go take the exit for SR 64 and go west and you will run directly into the parking area for this beautiful beach.

Bradenton Beach
Bradenton Beach

No Fancy Beach

From my experience visiting this beach, there is not alot of commercialism nearby here (which is one thing I love about this area). The one building located in this area contains a restaurant, restrooms and water fountains. The area is sort of old school, and reminds me of the days of simpler times and allows you to truly escape the crazy noisy things going on already in our busy lives. 

Sand Art Event

A large unpaved parking lot is easily accessible and parking is free. Remember that this beach does not have all the bells and whistles as other touristy beaches. Which is exactly how I like it! You will find additional shops, boutiques and restaurants available as you travel South. There are a handful of free parking areas as well. It was a treat to be at the beach and see the Sand Art displays on the day we visited here in the month of December.

Beach Sand Art Display Bradenton
Sand Art Display Bradenton Beach
Bradenton Beach, Florida
Sand Art FL

If you are looking for a quiet, easy accessible beach for relaxing and enjoyment, Bradenton Beach will not disappoint.

3. Clearwater Beach: Directions

This spectacular beach area is highly visited every year and offers a lot of beach fun and activity. Located in Clearwater, Florida, the beach is beautiful and lovely with its wide and sparking light colored sand and inviting blue waters. Here you can enjoy fun in the sun, build sand castles, and have a picnic on the beach. This area can be quite busy with tourists, and parking can be a challenge as well.

Clearwater Beach, FL
Clearwater Beach, FL

As you glance all around you, take notice of a few hotels and resorts located directly on the beach in the distance. Several boutique shops and restaurants, souvenir and snack shops line the streets on the main drag. Other beach shops located in this area include jet ski rentals and boat tour shops as well. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a must see as it is the place that the popular movie, “Dolphin Tale,” is based on.

Clearwater Beach has been in the rankings of beaches in years past including one of the best beaches in the U.S. Make sure to include a day at this stunning beach on your next visit to the state of Florida!


Some of the hottest beaches can be found all around the world. These three beaches are special, and they can found in the state of Florida. Spending a day at the beach, in my opinion, is one of the most enjoyable activities to do! Playing in the water, relaxing on the sand, and having a picnic with your family. On your next visit to Florida, you might want to add these three beaches to your itinerary!

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    1. Thank you so much! The sandman was a great mascot since it was near the holidays,.. to put you in the spirit! I thought he was adorable too!

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    1. I finally found this Cynthia! Thanks so much! I really love Florida! I miss living there actually! And oh yes, can’t wait for you to co host #SundaySunsets in Aug! You will have a wonderful time at the lake! Can’t wait to see your adventure! Hope you find a good hiking trail, so I can follow along! Ha ha lol! Thanks for commenting!

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