Enjoy These Archeological Filled Hiking Trails near San Diego, California

Weekends are very special to people, it is considered very valuable time for some. It’s also great for going outdoors and exploring the local area hiking trails, especially in San Diego. I love hiking new trails and also learning about the area. Which is why I am hiking 2 for 1 Archeological Trails at the Santa Fe Valley and Del Dios Gorge.

Santa Fe Valley Hiking Trail
Santa Fe Valley Hiking Trail

How To Get There

If you have the desire to make the most of your weekends, these two trails are very easy. They also have connections to prehistoric times. The Santa Fe Valley Hike and the Del Dios Gorge trail heads are located directly next to each other. There is a rock gravel parking area that you can park at no charge, then go and explore one trail and continue on and hike the other; exploring both trails all in one visit.

2 For 1 Archeological Trails | San Diego, California
San Dieguito River Park

Directions: I-15 to exit Via Rancho Parkway, Go West 3.5 miles, go left on Del Dios Road 5.4 miles, and turn left when you see a organic fruit stand building and veer to the right and continue driving down the road that will lead to the gravel parking area for the trails.   DIRECTIONS

Santa Fe Valley Trail

This trail offers a few few interesting features one being that near the beginning of the trail you will walk on the trail along a chain linked fence. You are essentially walking along the golf course and will possibly find a few balls on the way.

Santa Fe Valley Trail. San Diego Hiking. Fitlifeandtravel.com
Santa Fe Valley Trail

Which feels somewhat odd, but then later you encounter views and switchbacks.

Santa Fe Valley switchbacks on trail. San Diego hiking. Fitlifeandtravel.com
Switchbacks at Santa Fe Valley

The Santa Fe Valley trail is not only great for hikers but you can also bring your bikes on the trail. There is even a bicycle repair station to use if you need a tools to do a small repair or simply need to add air in your tires on your bike.

Bike repair station on Santa Fe Valley hiking trail. San Diego hiking.
Bike Repair Station

Also, one of the pleasant viewpoints of this hike are of the spectacular Crosby Golf Course.

Crosby Golf Course, San Diego, California
Crosby Golf Course

The History

My visit to these trails did not only present striking natural landscapes for viewing pleasure, but also historical significance. The flood of 1927 apparently exposed countless artifacts of the areas early inhabitants.

2 for 1 Archeological Trails|Santa Fe Valley and Del Dios

The Harris Site is noted as one of the most significant archaeological sites on the National Register of Historic Places.

2 for 1 Archeological Trails|Santa Fe Valley and Del Dios
2 for 1 Archeological Trails|Santa Fe Valley and Del Dios

Del Dios Gorge Trail

Three pre-historic cultural periods describe this region and it portrays a peek into how Native Americans explored throughout this valley.

Del Dios Gorge Trail, San Diego, California. FitlifeandTravel.com
Del Dios Gorge Hiking Trail

The Santa Fe Valley and Del Dios Gorge hiking trails are both segments of the Coast to Crest Trail, which expands 55 miles from the ocean to the Pacific Crest.

Walking Bridge on Del Dio Gorge trail
Walking Bridge on Del Dio Gorge trail

Rattlesnake Viewpoint

Another point of interest is the Rattlesnake Viewpoint area. You can learn about this particular tool used in the past, while enjoying views of Lake Hodges just over the dam. I admit, I was confused at first, until I took time to read the historical information on the displays. This area is perfect for resting and learning about these archeological filled trails near San Diego.

Rattlesnake Viewpoint. Hiking San Diego.
Rattlesnake Viewpoint

Here, in the center of the viewpoint sculpture which is the apex of the snake’s tail, there is a pipe scope of which you can look through and line up with another feature. These items are marked on the scope as A, B or C; as these point out the spillway, the bulwarks of the dam, and the river below.

I highly recommend these hiking trails, they are a perfect way to spend a weekend outdoors and learn a little about history. And its a bonus when you can learn about your own local area and the peoples who were there before you. So, when you are looking for something interesting to do and spend time outside, you should visit these historical archeological trails!

Thank you for reading, to see more hiking adventures, check these other 4 great local San Diego Hikes.

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