The majestic small community of La Jolla is surrounded by carved cliffs and stunning coastlines. This is the perfect area to see whales as they migrate through these ocean waters. Which is why I grabbed my camera and water bottle and jumped in the car to head over to La Jolla Cove San Diego. Occasionally, the local news will report sightings of various whales gracing the coastal regions in Southern California.

Whale Sightings

Whales have been known to roam in the southern Pacific certain times of the year. The San Diego whale watching season typically is from mid-December through April. You will primarily see gray whales which is the most common species migrating in this area. The females are in the Southern California area to give birth, then begin their migration back up north.


La Jolla

La Jolla, California is a quintessential smaller coastal community located in San Diego County. It might be one of the most beautiful beach towns I’ve ever seen. This small beach community isn’t your typical beach town. There are numerous things to do and see here.

Art Galleries, Boutiques, and Shops

From the small boutique swimsuit and collectable shops to the exquisite art galleries, you will be certain to find something to enjoy. You may even come across some beautiful street art too!

Street Art in La Jolla

Perfect Picnic Spot

I have always enjoyed perusing this lovely community with all of its beautiful coast as well as art galleries and eateries. The beautiful main beach park, Ellen Browning Scripps Park is the perfect place for a picnic! An abundance of healthy dining is available in La Jolla, as well. One of the most popular and most photographed places in San Diego (according to AAA Magazine)!

Picnic Spot at Ellen Browning Park
Picnic Spot at Ellen Browning Park


Directions: From Interstate 5; take state Route 52 west to La Jolla Parkway and continue as the street becomes Torrey Pines Road. Take a right on Prospect Street and then go right on Coast Boulevard. The park is located at the bottom of the hill.

Views of the waves #SeaLover

Ocean Views

As I stroll along the coastal walkways, I am always full of gratitude and happiness. I have such appreciation for the ocean and its powerful waves  and stunning beauty. At times, I find myself glancing out to sea for hours because the blue green waters are so mesmerizing.


DSC_0092 _ WEB

My day was coming to an end during my visit to La Jolla Cove San Diego. My primary goal was to see whales and watch a few surfers. But at this time there were still no whales or surfers in sight. The waves are a little rough today, so I did assume there may be no surfing today. I did however, have a great time capturing all the beauty and wildlife. There is an abundance of seagulls, pelicans, and seals soaking up the sun everywhere you look.

Take a preview of my day at the office! Enjoy!

There are several viewing points to take the perfect photo! The La Jolla Cove area is beautiful and peaceful to enjoy a quiet afternoon or a lunchtime break. 


More gorgeous scenic captions here. 

Did you know that La Jolla Cove is one of the most photographed beaches in Southern California?

If you look close, the small rock island is covered with seals and birds lounging as they lounge and soak up the sun.


Sealife is an abundance here at La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores area.


More Photography

If you are visiting the San Diego area, you might consider adding La Jolla Cove to your itinerary, it will certainly not disappoint.


Directions to La Jolla Cove.

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  1. […] It is home to several species of sea life including seagulls, seals, and occasional spottings of Orca killer whales. See more photos of this area here: La Jolla Cove […]

  2. […] It is home to several species of sea life including seagulls, seals, and occasional spottings of Orca killer whales. See more photos of this area here: La Jolla Cove […]

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