Palm Springs Weekend getaway

When you hear the words ‘Desert Oasis’ what comes to mind? The first thing that comes to my mind is Palm Springs. The quaint, quiet little desert town nestled in the middle of the Sonoran desert. It makes for the perfect Palm Springs Weekend Getaway for me!

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Palm Springs

Hollywood Hangout

It’s a place known for its hot springs, golf courses, and spas. Many Hollywood stars also made it their getaway place and built additional homes in a particular area east of Palm Canyon Drive, calling it “The Movie Colony.” (Source:

Best things to do in Palm Springs
The walkway decor at the info center for Marriott at Shadow Ridge Golf Course

The Palm Springs area has been the filming location for numerous films and TV shows but this is not the reason of which it draws my sweetheart and I to frequently visit. It’s a place great for a weekend getaway or simply a perfect one day road trip. We have done both and here are a few of our experiences.

Things To Do

We love the tranquility, the peaceful feel, and the enjoyable hiking trails.

We’ve been lucky enough to live only a short distance from the beautiful desert oasis.

Best attractions in Palm Springs

This makes for a perfect one day road trip getaway with usually only a 2 and half hour drive one way.

Hiking: Art Smith Trail

Hiking in Palm Springs

This hiking trail will leave you with feelings of wow and awe as it is rated as difficult and the complete trail distance is 12.2 miles and is 2641 feet high.

However, the first couple miles are a gradual climb and mostly easy trail paths. We hiked about 2 miles the day we explored this trail and enjoyed the quiet, serene landscape, and the scenic views overlooking Palm Springs area.

Art Smith trail is located in the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains. There is a visitor center located directly across highway 74, which has a vast array of information and another hiking trail. This is at the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Visitor Center

Palm Springs Hiking Trails
Hiking in Palm Springs
Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Visitor Center

Shadow Ridge Golf Club

Enjoy this exquisite golf paradise in Palm Desert, California. The Shadow Ridge Golf Club formerly was associated with former PGA Golf Pro Nick Faldo, and is the home of Marriott villas and resort club.

We’ve spent time using the golf practice facility and my husband and I enjoyed the entire afternoon hitting balls and practicing chipping for a fee of about $20 for the day. We’ve also stayed in one of the villas and thought they were quite exceptional.

La Quinta Resort and Spa:

LaQuinta Resort and Spa

La Quinta, CA. From a rejuvenating massage to lingering in the pool, this place will have you saying wow. I felt renewed, relaxed, and rejuvenated after the day I spent here.

The grounds at La Quinta Spa are just as enticing as the services! The relaxing patio and lounge area used for those who are awaiting their treatment, or the adult swimming pool area to take a dip and cool down on a steamy afternoon.

Then you can slip into the jacuzzi spa to unwind at your maximum potential to top off your day.

Spa in la quinta

The spa hot tub area.
All the while I am at the spa relaxing and indulging myself, my husband is enjoying a round of golf.  Located in LaQuinta, California near Palm Springs, the PGA West by Greg Norman is located a short distance away from the resort and spa. Golf.

Art Galleries in Nature: Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden

Palm Desert, CA. This beautiful garden is full of scenic colorful settings together with sculpture art displays. With an easy lighted pathway that leads to various areas where you can sit on a bench and relish the moment, this is a perfect place to appreciate some culture, art and history. Take a look:

Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden Palm Desert.

Tranquil waterfall and sculpture.

Beautifully colored designed pathways.

Dining: Maracas

Although we are not really what you would call foodies, we do enjoy our favorite dining place. Maracas offers delicious entrees as well as drinks, free chips and salsa, and a very friendly atmosphere. The staff are extremely attentive and friendly! This is where we dine every time we visit the Palm Springs area. I have food sensitivities and Maracas has never caused a problem for me. I usually order my food dish without cheese, and the food appears to be fresh and high quality.

Palm Springs is the perfect weekend getaway in my opinion! If you are in the mood to escape your busy lifestyle, then I recommend you visit the Palm Springs area. Directions to Palm Springs

*The comments mentioned within this piece are solely based on my opinion and experiences only. Please take caution and be advised by the local and CDC requirements with regards to Covid19.

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