Things To Do In Utah!

Utah is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. and offers some of the most incredible national parks, mountains, and nature for explorers to experience. From the red cliffs and canyons to the rock formations of delicate Arch and Chimney Rock; when you visit Utah, be prepared to be filled with wow and wonder! 

While adventuring in Utah, you may even encounter hidden gems of waterfalls and fountains and sparkling snow capped mountains. Without a doubt, there is plenty to tease your adventure cravings.

The library grounds.

I’ll begin our journey with a trip to Salt Lake City and our venture through downtown. Our lodging was located only minutes from the airport, and we were conveniently close to some of the historical attractions in the city.

City Hall – historical building

We enjoyed walking through Washington Square, the city library, and indulging ourselves with delicious dining. Here are a few highlights.

Salt Lake City

Washington Square

The town park was absolutely beautiful, especially this time of year with all the leaves gently falling to the ground. It made for a very colorful and relaxing stroll through this lovely park.

Big Cottonwood Canyon:
Directions: ο»Ώ

After spending a few days within the city, we were curious to venture out around the surrounding area of Salt Lake City and discovered Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Only about a 20-minute drive Southeast of the city, we found ourselves trekking through a trail as we parked our car essentially along side the highway, and went searching for waterfalls. 

Hiking towards the mountains

We had no idea what we would find or even if there were any streams or water flowing anywhere nearby. Well, luck was on our side again, and we found one of the most beautiful, peaceful hidden waterfalls.

We continued our hiking adventures to a couple of mountain ranges where we saw beautiful snow capped peaks. We explored these gorgeous areas for a while until we were feeling a bit cold, (because we didn’t have the winter clothing that is sufficient for long hiking).

More information about Big Cottonwood Canyon:

Capitol Reef National Park : Directions

If you are looking for an off the beaten path adventure, then Capitol Reef National Park is your place to be. We were scheduled to fly out of Salt Lake City the day we decided to go exploring Capitol Reef National Park, as we hit the road early around 7:30 a.m. The drive was very pleasant and we did not encounter very much traffic going there. (Returning back towards the city was another story).


This park is definitely one that is less crowded and absolutely beautiful. Picture perfect landscapes of red colored cliffs and canyons that would brighten any room if used as an art piece frame on a living room wall. Many of the points of interest are historical areas where early Mormon visitors came to settle and live.

On the trail to Hickman Bridge

Chimney Rock

The geological feature that defines Capitol Reef is a wrinkle in the earth’s crust that extends nearly 100 miles from Thousand Lake Mountain to Lake Powell.

The Water pocket Fold was created as a result of deposition, uplifting, and erosion of the rock layers. (Source: Capitol Reef info brochure)

More info below for your next visit:
Capitol Reef National Park
HC 70, Box 15
Torrey, UT 84775

Utah is one of my favorite states to visit! I always enjoy the outdoor activities, the stunning landscapes, and the nature. Do you have a favorite place, state, or country that you absolutely love? Tell me about it!

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