Experience The Himalayan Salt Cave in North Dakota!

It was total relaxation, the rejuvenating atmosphere surrounding you, the deep breathing of purifying air from the Himalayan salt draining toxins and other impurities; was more than just another day at the spa. My sister and I made an early holiday short visit to see the family in North Dakota recently. Since travel cost is so much lower a few weeks prior to the actual holiday dates, we met up to share an early Christmas with our family.

We enjoyed spending quality time together and doing several fun activities together during this trip. We baked a few sweet goodies, we exercised, and we sang and played music together! And there is one more extraordinary thing we did that none of us have experienced before. My mom, sisters and I wanted to share an experience and spend time together enjoying a Himalayan salt cave.

Salt Cave ND

I did some research on Himalayan salt and the incredible health benefits it offers. I do have the salt and use it in my cooking. As I continued my research, I learned that Himalayan salt can help with inflammation and digestive issues, and some forms of allergies and many more benefits. So, I was so happy to see this type of wellness center to appear in my search engine as I was looking for something for my sisters, mom and I to do together.

The Salt Cave in North Dakota is a wellness center offering an opportunity to experience the benefits that this type of place can have.

We had a lovely time at the Salt Cave in Bismarck! We entered the front lobby and were greeted by the friendly staff (I believe it was the owners); and we were informed about what to do and what to expect. We all, of course, had to use the restroom prior to entering the cave. We were told that it may be a little chilly in the salt cave and that a very soft blanket is provided, and the very comfortable zero gravity lounge chairs in the cave.

Inside the Salt Cave

We entered wearing pure white socks, after removing shoes, jackets, and other personal items which we placed in a locker space. This is a must because if you wear colored or dyed socks, you potentially might sweat or moisture may form thus possibly contaminating the sand. We walked on the sand as it tingled under our feet and cradled our toes within our socks. You could just feel the health benefits just by being in the salt cave a few minutes. It was amazing. We each took our lounge chair and got settled in, and the music began. The walls are all covered with salt, as well as the floor in the cave. It was an amazing and unique experience!

Our complete relaxation and wellness session ended after about 45-50 minutes, and we all felt fantastic! I would love to sit in this cave at least once a week! If you have a chance and are visiting Bismarck, North Dakota; you might consider checking out the Salt Cave!

This is a great way to experience a therapeutic healing and the incredible benefits of Himalayan salt. Thank you Mr. and Mrs Zidon for the wonderful wellness experience I was able to enjoy with my sisters and mother for the holidays!  

They also have other services available at this wellness center including:
*Meditation in the salt cave
*Far-Infrared Sauna
*Floatation Therapy
*Several salt products and lamps

The Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center is located at:
1001 W. Interstate Ave, Ste 120
Bismarck, ND 58503
Learn more about the health benefits of Himalayan salt therapy:

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    • We had such an amazing experience in the salt cave! It is such a cool feeling when you step into the cave. I wish I could sit in a Himalayan salt cave at least once a week to get the health benefits.

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