Now Featuring Guest Bloggers!

Would you like to be featured and submit a guest blog on FitlifeandTravel? Starting now, we are accepting guest blogger submissions from anyone interested in having their work featured on our blog website and social media platforms. There is no time line, or limited guest bloggers, but we do require posting high quality content, so we ask you to put your best foot forward.

What we are looking for!

We are looking for adventurers who wish to share their most challenging hiking trail, travel gurus who have visited rare historical sites and cities internationally, or just simply some health and beauty tips to live a more active and healthy lifestyle overall!

We would also like to feature you, as a blogger/writer as well, so feel free to submit a bio along with your travel or adventure article. Getting to know the people behind the blog adventures is also incredibly inspiring and interesting as well!

Other requirements for accepted submissions:

  1. High quality photos or videos
  2. MS Word attachment, along with attached photos and video to: email:
  3. Share the guest blog with your followers and social pages.
  4. Blog article should be at least 500-1000 words.

Why be a guest blogger for FitlifeandTravel?

  • We are growing! We’ve recently had engagement retweet reach of 1.68 million!  (via SumAll metrics)
  • Get more eyes reading your work!
  • Links back to your blog and website!
  • To inspire all of our subscribers and followers and numerous others!
Seattle – Photo by Guest blogger submitted by Sam J.

Let’s collaborate!

When you submit your article, we will review it and will notify you if it has been accepted and if it fulfills all the requirements. If you are interested in collaborating and submitting your guest blog write up, please send a message via email, or complete the contact form, or message us on any of our social media platforms. Let’s collaborate and share some inspiration! Thank you again!

Coastal Road Trip

Tell me about your latest adventure or experience!

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