Insider Tips: Port of Call In Nassau The Bahamas

Insider Tips for Your Port of Call in Nassau, The Bahamas
By Guest Blogger: @curiousdg (Donna G)  for FitlifeandTravel!

If all you have is four to five hours to spend in Nassau the Bahamas and you don’t want to hit the beach, no need to fret. There’s plenty to see, eat, and do within that limited time frame. Here are my top three tips: 

Discover Graycliff and The Heritage Village. 

Insider Tip 1 for your port of call in Nassau The Bahamas

Only a block away from the renowned British Colonial Hilton, the historic mansion Graycliff is easily accessible on foot.

Graycliff in the Bahamas
Graycliff in the Bahamas

You can lose yourself in this first and only five-star luxury hotel and restaurant in the Caribbean as you explore the massive property shaped by 300 years of Bahamian history and old world charm. Graycliff also houses a chocolate boutique and factory, a humidor and cigar factory, a wine cellar that was formerly a pirate’s prison, a pizzeria, and a churrascaria.

Graycliff Chololatier
Graycliff Chololatier

The next-door Heritage Village features The Heritage Museum, Bahama Barrels (the first and only winery in The Bahamas with free wine tasting available), Drawbridge gelato place, an Artists’ Studio showcasing the work of local artists, and a souvenir boutique shop. Literally and figuratively a colorful place, it’s a must-visit in Nassau.  

Take the local bus to the West. 

Insider Tip 2 for your port of call in Nassau The Bahamas

From downtown Nassau, take Bus No. 10 heading west towards Cable Beach and stop in front of Melia Nassau Beach Hotel. It will cost you a mere $1.25 (one way) but the route will show you Junkanoo Beach, Fish Fry in Arawak Cay, the majestic Baha Mar, plus a spectacular view of the turquoise ocean.

In front of Melia is the famous Daiquiri Shack. Indulge in a daiquiri of your favorite fruit flavor mixed with that irresistible Caribbean rum.

Daiquiri Shack The Bahamas
Daiquiri Shack

Notice to Travelers: As of June 28, 2019; The owner of the Daiquiri Shack (on West Bay Street) passed away. The Shack is temporarily closed and I don’t have news about when it will open again. Will include an update here when any new information comes in. Thank you.

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Next to the Shack is a small plaza with local craft stores where you can get your souvenir shopping done.  If you want to venture farther, have the bus drop you off at Sandyport. Right across Sandyport is a restaurant called Blue Sail where you can dine ocean-side without breaking the bank. You might not even be able to resist sticking your toes in the sand for a few while you’re there. Their lunch menu includes pizza, burgers, and salads at reasonable prices. * FitlifeandTravel

To go back downtown, get on Bus No. 10 again but this time heading east. Though this transport is frequent, make sure to allow enough time for your return trip as you will likely run into some traffic. 

Hang out with flamingos. 

Insider Tip 3 for your port of call in Nassau The Bahamas

In case you haven’t heard, the flamingo is the national bird of The Bahamas. Catch the marching flamingos show at the intimately sized local zoo called Ardastra Gardens. * FitlifeandTravel

At the zoo, you can get up close to these birds as well as other friendly animals including regal peacocks that freely roam the grounds.  You can also find Caribbean flamingos at the Sanctuary at Baha Mar. * FitlifeandTravel

About @curiousdg: A curious adventurer, Donna is a writer blogger who traded her life in the Las Vegas desert for the island life in Nassau, The Bahamas. Follow her adventures at or @curiousdg on Twitter/Instagram. One click away from your upgraded Inbox.

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6 Comments on “Insider Tips: Port of Call In Nassau The Bahamas

    • Yes, I am so excited to feature Donna as a guest blogger, and I thoroughly enjoyed this article and I have added the Bahamas to our bucket list. Thank you Elisa!


    • Oh my, you have to look into visiting! When we lived in Florida, we were thinking about visiting the Bahamas, but never did. Now, we regret that, but are adding it to our list again. Can’t wait to experience it!


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