Tips On How To Enjoy A Day At A PGA Golf Tournament!

Imagine a day of beautiful sunshine, stunning landscapes, ocean views, and golf. Now, throw in that you will be spending the day hanging around some of the best golfers in the world. Since we were in town this week, we decide to enjoy the day at the Farmer’s Insurance Open PGA Golf Tournament at Torrey Pines in San Diego.

Plan Before You Go

I originally didn’t think I would be able to go to the tournament, because I had a doctor appointment. As a result of moving a few things around in my calendar, I managed to work it out. I am able to join my husband as we attend the tournament on a beautiful Thursday afternoon.

If you’ve never experienced a golf tournament in person, it is quite entertaining and a lot of fun. It is a place of majestic beauty that anyone could appreciate. From the beautiful greens and fairways to the gorgeous carved cliffs and ocean views, this place is magical! Of course, you need to be prepared on several occasions to be quiet and stand still.

The Etiquette

Most PGA golf tournaments have several volunteers working the event throughout the week. These are the folks who normally stand at the tee boxes and greens holding signs that illustrate the words “QUIET”. You will find these folks also along the fairways as well ready to hold up their sign or their arms when a player is ready to play their ball and take a shot.

What is cool about visiting a PGA golf tournament is that you can get up close to the professional players. Even so, you may even get an autograph and photos. I got an autograph from Arnold Palmer while at a golf tournament in Florida at the Bay Hill, it is pretty awesome.

To see these superior athletes and their incredible talent up close is amazing. It is so impressing watching them make swings with the driver as they attack the pins on the greens!

San Diego

If you are visiting from out of town, and need a break from the golf, you are in for a treat! There is so much you can do besides golf on your visit to San Diego. Be sure to make room for some other activities as well! Click here for ‘Things to do in San Diego”

Our day at Torrey Pines was a fabulous one! The weather was absolutely beautiful, with the sun shining and about 73 degrees, made for a perfect day of golf. If you plan to attend one of these professional tournaments, it is a good idea to plan your visit. Especially when the venue has limited parking, and is happening in a very populated area. You may also wish to bring snacks and water, because the food at these tournaments can be very expensive.

As a result of inclement weather, you might also wish to bring appropriate clothing, an umbrella and plan to do a lot of walking. So here is an overview to give you an idea of what it’s like to attend one of these golf tournaments.

The Plan

What to bring:

I usually bring my own food with me because I have food sensitivities. For this event, I didn’t have many snacks nor did I bring water with me. Always check the event website to see what food or beverages you are allowed to bring. (Many events do not allow bottled beverages). I knew we were only planning to stay a few hours, so I drank plenty of fluids prior to the event. I also had a small zip lock bag of almonds with me. My snacks usually include nuts, granola bar, small banana. I also brought a very small purse, for more information on bags allowed, click here:

What to wear:

It was a gorgeous day and comfortable weather, so I brought a light jacket and comfortable yoga pants, and sneakers. I wore my most comfortable running shoes because I knew we will be doing lots of walking.

Other things to wear:
Visor or hat

Parking and Getting There:

Since my husband works nearby where the tournament is, we decide to meet up after my doctor appointment. We parked near Mission Bay Drive parking lot and I left my car and got in with him. We proceeded to the golf tourney parking area at Sea World for Thursday and Friday only. The tournament organizers are encouraging attendees to use Uber ride services to get to the event. The two different areas for parking for the event and taking shuttle services are at:

Seaworld parking lot:  Fee is $22 Directions
Del Mar Race Grounds: Fee is $20 Directions

Event Admission Fee:

This price can be different at various cities and tournaments. Military receive free admission tickets to this tournament. The price for an admission fee starts at $60 See more ticket options here:

We finally arrived at the drop off shuttle bus area as we disembarked and made our way into the event. The crowds were not too bad yet, and we began our quest to search for Tiger and his group to watch. Prior to finding Tiger, we ended up stopping at several vending tents and booths. This year’s event had several vendors that we made time to stop in at. We were able to get a free skin cancer screening by a doctor from Scripps Healthcare, and we received a couple small bottles of sunscreen, as well as lip balm with spf.

Beverage Cart

As we proceeded to walk around the golf course, we were discussing how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. And on top of it, to have the opportunity to attend events like this. We finally found the hole position to stand and see Tiger. At these tournaments, you need find your position at the tee box at lease one hole ahead of Tiger and his group.

This gave us an opportunity to stand in a spot up on front against the ropes so we could see Tiger up close as he tee’s off. We also enjoyed seeing Tony Finau, Rickie Fowler, and several other talented golfers. If you want to see a particular player, you can check out their Tee Times here: for the weekend rounds.

Patriot Outpost

Another nice benefit that these professional golf tournaments offer is the Patriot Tent. If you are a military veteran, active or retired, the military outpost tent is for you. They offer water and other beverages, food, snacks, and a beautiful view for watching the tournament.

Tiger Woods

Vendor Attractions

Other great attractions to check out for this years event include the following:
The Michelob Ultra Zone: Offering food and drink
Champions for Youth Tent: Official “Keep Calm & Torrey On” quite paddle for sale with all proceeds going to charity.
Fan Friendly Expo: Latest golf equipment and other special offers.
MD Anderson-Sunscreen Station: sunscreen and skin screenings.
Grey Goose 19th Hole and Flight Deck: Panoramic views of the course, drinks and beverages.
Practice Putting Green: See where the pros prepare to play their round.
Just the Good Stuff: Sweet treats with cookies, donuts and coffee.

Tiger’s bag

We were so happy that we decided to attend this year’s tournament at Torrey. It was a spectacular day to be outdoors and do lots of walking. This is a perfect day for golf. Golf is so enjoyable when have sunshine and pleasant temperature. If you are from the area or visiting San Diego, we hope you have the opportunity to take in some golf, and enjoy all the other things San Diego has to offer. Enjoy and welcome!

Things to do

You can stay up to date with all the happenings at Farmers Insurance Open because I know I am already planning for 2020. Here are a few hashtags: #SeeYouAtTorrey or #FIO19

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