10 Most Romantic Getaways in the USA

Are you looking to take a time out and plan a getaway from the daily stress of life? Yes, with the challenges of everyday life especially in recent times, this is the perfect time to enjoy and rekindle your relationship with yourself and your partner! Update: With the world slowly opening up, please abide by the individual states or county’s regulations with respect to Covid-19.

We’ve done a little research and found these incredible places that might strike your heart and peak your interest for your romantic getaway trip! Take a look at these beautiful cities and all the things to do, dining, and lodging that they have to offer. Of course, these spots are perfect destinations for romantic getaways for couples!

1.Kauai, Hawaii. Why visit here:

Romantic getaways for couples

2. Scottsdale, Arizona. Why visit here:

Mini weekend getaways for couples
Scottsdale AZ
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3. San Diego, California. Why visit here:

romantic getaways in the united states

4. Palm Springs, California. Why visit here:

adult couple weekend getaway
Photo: Visitgreaterpalmsprings.com

5. San Francisco, California. Why visit here:

romantic weekend getaways
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

6. Seattle, Washington. Why visit here:

Best weekend getaways for couples
Seattle, WA. Photo by Sam J.

7. Austin, Texas. Why visit here:

Romantic weekend getaways

8. Miami, Florida. Why visit here:

10 Best romantic getaways in the USA
Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Pexels.com

9. Maui, Hawaii. Why visit here:

Romantic getaway weekends for couples

10. Honolulu, Hawaii. Why visit here:

Near the Blow hole. FitlifeandTravel.com.

8 Comments on “10 Most Romantic Getaways in the USA

    • Thank you Elisa, for your comment. (Not sure if I responded), but yes,.. Scottsdale is also one of my favorite places! We are thinking about moving there .. we visit frequently! Very cool,.. to be born in that very awesome place! lol! πŸ™‚


  1. I’ve been to San Fran and Miami but would love to visit Hawaii for a romantic holiday with my hubby. It’s now on the list for future travel! Thanks Shannon.


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