The singing birds, beautiful bright poppies, and the sparkles reflecting off the pure granite mountain at Pinnacle Peak Park are just a few things that keep luring me back to this hiking trail. Hiking Pinnacle Peak In Scottsdale is the highlight of this weekend road trip.

Wildflowers and Mexican Gold Poppies

Spring Wildflowers

We love to come to Arizona on weekend road trips and especially enjoy hiking here. We are hiking this trail for a second time (since our previous visit last year).

This amazing desert landscape scene is bursting in color, plants, and amazing wildlife just in time for the Spring season to encroach upon us.

Pinnacle Peak

The Hiking Trail

Hiking Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdale is one of the more popular places to explore in the area. With its elevation ranges of approximately 2,889 feet, and 3.5-mile round trip hike on a clean and groomed trail; Pinnacle had me yearning even for more outdoor adventure.

Landscape scene on the trail at Pinnacle Peak

Arizona is a beautiful place to do all kinds of outdoor exploration and today was no different as my family and I planned to go out on a morning hike on Pinnacle Peak Mountain.

Landscape scene at Pinnacle Peak

Located within the peaceful and serene sonoran desert, the majestic Pinnacle Peak is comprised of granite stone and is surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and desert flora.

Making Memories

This hiking trail is considered as a moderate trail and is highly trafficked. At first this concerned me on our weekend visit because our parents are with us and they are both 80 years old now. They had accompanied us on a previous long road trip to Utah from Texas back in 2017 and we had the most wonderful time making new memories together!

Sign at the entry of Pinnacle Peak Park

We all enjoyed hiking this trail because it made for a perfect experience for us to share together. My in-laws are troopers and they did the hike with no problems. As you might expect, they did make a few stops to rest because they are not spring chickens anymore. However, as a result of their active lifestyle now, they were able to catch up and continue hiking behind us.

This beautiful trail offers a diverse path that includes inclines and declines, switchbacks and steps, and resting areas that are great for photos and viewpoint stops.

Trail path at Pinnacle Peak

There is also an access area for rock climbers only.  The ‘South Crack’ is for climbers where you will find there are three pitches of trad climbing, for the summit climb. Read more


The trail also has its share of wildlife, saguaro and cholla cactus! The Arizona desert is so diverse with its plantlife as well as its wildlife. For instance, you may encounter wild animals such as woodrats, mountain lions, coyotes, grey foxes, mule deer, squirrels, desert cottontail, and many others.


There are plenty of the gila monster, chuckwalla, lizards, and snakes. We happen to catch a chuckwalla sneaking a peek at us as we were taking time for a few scenic photos.


This amazing hike made the highlight of our weekend road trip. Although some of our other plans didn’t work out, it was still a spectacular weekend road trip. If you are looking for an outdoor activity that offers beautiful views, a gorgeous landscape, and a little bit of adventure; then Pinnacle Peak is right up your alley! As you enjoy your hike on Pinnacle Peak, take notice of the story along the trail.

Pinnacle Peak Park
26802 N. 102nd Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
P: 480-312-0990

View Map: 

More info on Pinnacle Peak Park.

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  1. Your pictures are very nice. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. momminintherealworld

    This looks gorgeous! You make me want to take a vacation so bad! I love Arizona.

    1. Thank you! Yes, Arizona is such a beautiful place! We love taking weekend road trips over there to hike, explore new historical places, and next time, we are thinking about kayaking at Saguaro Lake. Hope you get a chance to visit AZ, because it is truly is spectacular! Especially the sunsets!

  3. hauntedhistoryjaunts

    So many great places to visit and I love the pictures!! For my honeymoon, we took a guided horseback riding trip into the mountains for days! Sounds much more adventurous and romantic than it actually was I needed a list like this before I planned!

    1. Oh, that sounds pretty unique for your honeymoon! Something to always remember! I’d love to do that in Arizona. yes, Pinnacle Peak is one of the hiking favorites in AZ. This trail is not too difficult and you can enjoy the scenery. My in laws enjoyed it and they are 80 yrs old. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  4. This was fun to read! Would love to see you write more about hiking trips! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, We have plenty of hiking adventures to read about, you can go to the travel tab, and at the bottom is Hiking Trails- fun hiking in Hawaii, Arizona, California! Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it!

      1. Oh I already ended up binge-reading your blogs, they sure got my attention 💙
        Have sent you an email as well, hope you check it out 😊

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