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What better way to enjoy exploring the world around you than by working in a little enjoyable movement and planking in new places?  I’m always on the lookout for unique landmarks and areas where I can squeeze in a little fitness break, whether traveling in the US or overseas.  The curious looks from bystanders who sometimes end up joining in on the planks are fun too.  I hope you enjoy learning a little about why these have been my 10 favorite locations to plank and take an active break.

1. Movable Lions – Stockholm, Sweden

Located in the historic Gamla Stan (old town) area of Stockholm, there were so many of these lions just asking for someone to pose with them!  This was such a colorful area to explore, enjoy a drink and see historic sites like the Royal Palace nearby.  Be sure to also check out the incredible artwork in the subway stations here.

2. Museum of Glass – Tacoma, Washington

A must see for art lovers, this is right by the stunning Chihuly Bridge of Glass and there are a wide variety of outdoor sculptures to enjoy.

3. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach – Vik, Iceland

A dangerously beautiful area on Iceland’s Southern coast.  Beware of the sneaker waves that can take you down quickly here.  A gorgeous spot and the only black sand beach I’ve seen other than in Hawaii.

4. Gaylord The Camel – Buies Creek, NC (Campbell University)

Campbell University has a nice campus located in a small town not far from Raleigh, so definitely worth a stop to hang out with Gaylord the Camel if you’re in the area.

5. Jet Engine – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Schiphol is one of my favorite airports because of how clean and modern it is, while still having so much to see and do.  They have a green napping and relaxation area, things like this jet model to play around in, massage spas, and so much more!

6. Amsterdam Letters – Various Locations, Amsterdam

These letters are moved to various locations around the city and always draw crowds of tourists wanting to grab a selfie.  It was a little tough to get to the top of this “m”, but so worth it!  The day I was there, they were located outside the Rijksmuseum you see in the background.  There is a nice garden and large grassy field in this same area where you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

7. Haystack Rock – Cannon Beach, Oregon

The Oregon coast has a way of drawing you in with its cool, foggy ways.  It always feels a little mysterious to me, but I love visiting beaches like this where I don’t have to worry about getting a sunburn and might even spot a puffin!

8. Kastrup Sea Bath (The Snail)  – Copenhagen, Denmark

This outdoor sea bath is shaped like a snail and is a popular place to take a polar plunge into the Baltic Sea.  My husband gave it a shot here and jumped from the platform you see above my head.  He could barely move once he jumped into the icy cold water, but it was definitely refreshing!  Lovely place to enjoy the sea, but be aware that nude bathing is the norm for locals here!

9. The Beached Whale – Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

If you’re on a cruise to Grand Turk, make sure you take a short walk down the beach to come to see this Humpback Whale.  There’s a small bar behind him where you can relax and kick back for a few hours.

10. Sun Voyager Sculpture – Reykjavik, Iceland

Located near the historic downtown of Reykjavik, this sculpture offers breathtaking views of Mount Esja in the background when the days aren’t too cloudy.  Dress warmly and be prepared for crazy weather, but enjoy the fact that Reykjavik is an extremely walkable city!

What is your favorite way to stay active when you travel?  If you post any planking photos, tag me with #theplankingtraveler so I can follow along!  Here’s to healthy travels and building a strong core!

Thanks for reading! -Emily

Emily is a holistic health coach who loves planking and is passionate about nutrition, fitness, and affordable travel. Through sharing her adventures in healthy travel and non-toxic living, she hopes to inspire you to embrace health and wellness, whether at home or on the go! 

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    1. I know, I thought so too! It is so easy to add a little fitness to our travels! LOL! Add a little Planking fun! ha ha! Thanks so much for reading Elisa! Glad you enjoyed it!

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