The Review of the Yeti

The Review of the Yeti. Its slogan states: “Built for the Wild” and wow, did our Yeti Ramblers endure some grueling tough adventures and came through wonderfully!  From hiking Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, to exploring Granite Mountain in the 106 degree temps, Yeti performed when we needed it most!

Yeti Rambler review. Hiking Half Dome.
The top of Half Dome with my Yeti Rambler.

This amazing little outdoor gear is built with stainless steel and a double wall vacuum insulation; which tremendously helps keep our fluids cold in the hottest of conditions.

Review of the Yeti

It can also keep your beverage hot. It fits perfectly into the backpack bottle/beverage holder on either side.

The Review of the Yeti Rambler

As we venture outdoors for hours on end, in the hottest of temperatures, Yeti keeps our beverages as cold as the time we first fill them up. With its wide and sturdy handle, you can take this cold water rambler into the hottest and most rugged places anywhere.

Review of the Yeti

It is truly amazing. It is great that we can stay hydrated during the rough heart pumping climbs, wandering through the woods, and venturing along the sand dunes.

The Review of the Yeti

Your adventure will not only be about what you conquered, it will also be about the journey and how you managed your amazing experience.

The Yeti Rambler comes in different colors such as stainless steel, teal, black, and other colors. There are also different choices of sizes ranging from 18 ounce to 36 ounce. Yeti also offers a vast array of various products such as small coolers; the Roadie, Tundra, Hopper Flip, Hopper Two to the large Yeti Tanks! Learn more about Yeti and their wonderful product line.

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Review of the Yeti.
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