Updated August 15, 2022. The recent pandemic has had a huge impact on businesses both big and small all across the globe over the past year. As of late, now the challenges of high inflation and a slowing economy are at the helm. And sadly, some businesses are facing some tough times ahead. If you have not considered adding a social media influencer to your online marketing business plan now, you just may want to start. It may be a matter of survival. Here is how social media bloggers can help businesses during a slowing economy.

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Before I explain more details about social media influencers, let me share a bit about my lifestyle/adventure blog business. I started my blog as a result of a life changing event. FitLifeTravel, my travel-lifestyle blog, includes primarily my experiences as I travel around the United States. My travels include visiting National Parks and other natural environments. My blog has a purpose and that purpose is to promote positivity and an active lifestyle!

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How Social Influencers | Bloggers Can Help Business During & After Covid!

What Are Influencers?

The definition of influencer can be explained as an online account on any of the social media platforms that have a following or an audience. An influencer’s network can range from 500 followers to millions. There are different levels of influencers which include Micro, Macro, and Mega Influencers. Each is briefly explained below:

Micro Influencers Definition

If you are looking for industry specific and high engagement rates, than Micro Influencers are it. The interaction here can go into deep conversations which can help with a broader reach online.

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Macro Influencers

These influencer accounts typically have a following of 10,000 to 1 million and can have high engagement rates. There are many accounts in this category that might also have that star power; being celebrity and famous names or brands can also be in this group.

Mega Influencers

This group is basically star or celebrity and essentially famous accounts. And although these influencers can have a high reach, their engagement can be very low. Engagement can be very critical when you are trying to attract customers as well as building trust. This is so you can retain them as repeat customers.

Business Marketing 101 Basics

With a background in marketing and advertising, I learned that one of the best forms of advertising is Word of Mouth. This means that your business must provide and offer an experience that is top notch. No matter what business it is. In today’s world, consumers are looking for quality, value, and yes, positive experiences! So when you add an influencer to your marketing plan, he or she can put out the word and describe the experience they had in your business and share it with their audience; hence the world.

How Can Influencers Help Business?

Of course, business marketing also entails diverse elements and dynamic strategies to be truly successful. And using a social influencer or blogger is only one piece of the entire marketing pie, but they can help you take your business to the next level!  If you are looking to build strong and loyal relationships with your customers, an influencer can help significantly in this area. After the tough times, your business is the one they will remember to come back to.

As consumers browse and shop, they also look to spend their hard earned dollars with brands and companies they can trust. Consumers will be more inclined to accept your call to action if they trust your brand or company. This is where social media comes in.

Building Trust With Customers

Social media can make a huge impact on your bottom line. The benefits of social media for businesses is multifaceted. is that it’s one of the best methods to create relationships and build strong ones as well. The engagement is what is critical. The blogger or influencer can create deep conversations and truly build friendships, if you will.

The engagement gives that influencer huge credibility, and loyalty by the followers. This benefit can be critical to your business. Of course, choosing the right influencer or blogger should be an appropriate fit to your business. So be sure to consider this factor when adding this to your marketing plan. This is merely one aspect of the benefits provided when using an influencer or blogger in your marketing.

FitLifeTravel Brand Blogger

This is my blog-brand that I have built over the past four years. Fit Life and Travel is an adventure lifestyle blog that entails exploration, fitness, the outdoors and living life to the fullest. We take you on a journey full of new experiences to roads less traveled, finding hidden gems, and chasing waterfalls! We share positive new experiences of adventure and so much more! We have grown to nearly 30,000 followers combined social pages.

Additionally, we have gained 26K views on the Youtube channel and over 12K followers and subscribers to our website. In my view, our network are not only followers, but they are friends! FitLifeandTravel.com has also earned several high accolades from a network of bloggers; including “Trusted Blogger and High Closer.” You can also see our reviews on the Facebook page.

Small Business FitLife Feature

One of the latest segments added to the FitLifeTravel blog is a special series that features small businesses. The pandemic has taken a toll last year and now the inflation factor over the past year; I want to do something as a great way to give back. Of course, we are always encouraging others to shop local and shop at small businesses!


There are so many factors that go into running a business and the challenges you may encounter are many times unforeseen. I hope you will find this article helpful and informational to you. In the year 2022, we are facing the challenges of the other side of the pandemic. Which is why it is so important that businesses stay engaged and listen to customers. I hope you can see how social media influencers can help your business or brand grow. At the same time gain a loyal customer base during this current difficult climate and beyond.


Thank you for being here. I'm Shannon, founder of Fitlifeandtravel bringing you inspiration to everyday life. Helping you adventure better, no matter where you are. Hoping to inspire an active lifestyle through adventure!

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