One of the main habits that come in with the winter season is pulling over the blankets and resting all day long. You just want to stay cozy and in warm places. Well, there is no apparent reason that you would want a break from all of your physical activities when winter comes in. Exercising in cold weather conditions has apparent advantages over working in warm conditions. But people are more likely to make excuses for skipping a workout in winters. Gathering motivation to get into workout hoodies & sweats and hit the gym can be hard. 

Here are some tips for staying active in the winter months.

Why Do You Feel Lazy in Winter?

If you feel less productive in winters than usual know that you are not alone. Science supports the idea of getting lazier in cold weather. Days tend to get shorter, & sunlight gets dimmer. This change in weather can have an impact on your mood and productivity. Because sunlight has a direct impact on our internal clock, and circadian rhythm, which changes serotonin levels in the brain. Change of serotonin levels results in symptoms, such as low energy, losing interest in certain activities, feeling sluggish, & desire of hibernation. Less exposure to sunlight can make you tired & lazy.

Cold weather exercise

A recent survey published that January is the least productive month of the year. As it’s dark when you leave for work and same when you come back to home. Most of the people working from regular 9 to 5 miss that serotonin-rich sunlight before benefiting from it. As these days drag on your serotonin levels drop continually. Leaving you sluggish & yucky. It can also cause season depression in some people. In addition to laziness, some people may also suffer from trouble sleeping, anxiety, appetite changes, trouble concentrating, & depression feels. Here are some suggested ways to active during the winter. These certain activities can help you with lifting off winter sluggishness while boosting your mood and productivity.

1) Get Creative with the Winter Workouts

Being active in the winter season does not mean you necessarily have to perform an exclusively high-intensity workout after getting in your winter workout clothes.  Even taking a stroll to a nearby market can help in getting active, as it is light cardio. Traditional cold fun activities such as ice skating & hockey, & indoor sports like basketball, tennis, & dancing are forms of physical activities that burn more calories while enjoying. There are other fun activities that you can try with your friends that may engage you in more physical activities.

2) Insulate the Body.

The best approach for outdoor dressing is keeping clothes on in layers. Clothes layering is an effective way for staying warm & dry. Plus you can get the top clothing layer if you feel it’s hot outdoors for all those clothes. Make sure you keep those clothes closer to your skin which has the moisture-wicking ability. Avoid cotton as it tends to stay wet once it is wet. And the top layer of clothing should be wind & water-resistant.

3) Keep the Clothes On

After your short outdoor visit, you might feel tempted to remove all of your clothing as you get back inside. Do not do that instead give your body proper time to adjust. If the clothes aren’t wet, wait for 10-15 mins before changing. If your body loses heat quickly, you can experience post-workout hypothermia, which is when your body reduces the production of heat by losing its existing stores of heat.

4) Stay Warm, Stay Safe

Keeping yourself warm & dry while heading out for working out in the cold weather can be only done by putting on clothes in layers. A small preparation can help you in being safe from winter hazards such as hypothermia & frostbite. Cool temperature, strong winds & damp conditions steal the heat from your body. A day of 30-degree with a 30 mile per hour can feel like 15 degrees. Getting wet from rain or snow only boosts this effect. Clothing done in layers helps with trapping the heat while keeping you insulated.

5) Keep the Positives of Weather in Mind

  • No heat or humidity that you have to deal with. And the chill of winters can help you in staying awake & invigorated.
  • It is easier to work outdoors for a longer time in winters. That can be positive for burning more calories.
  • A great way of absorbing sunlight in small doses. Which can significantly improve your mood and also give your body a good dose of vitamin D.
  • Working out for a few minutes a day can help prevent bacterial & viral infections.

6) Fail in Preparation = Preparation of Failing

Plan out your exercise routine & stay consistent. With all the holidays and Christmas events happening make sure you give yourself time and be regular at your gym. If you have set a certain time of exercising regularly or going to a fitness class do it every day at that time. Always remember the best work out plan and the fancy gym membership are useless if you don’t stick to it. If you are someone who is usually glued to the phone consider downloading fitness apps they help a lot!

7) Perform Some of the Following Fun Activities

  • Swim: Try finding an indoor swimming pool. This activity boosts physical strength & heart health. Additionally, aquatic activities are easier than the rest of the physical workouts especially if you haven’t been active in a while or are low on motivation.
  • Use the daylight hours: When the sun is out in the morning hours it is easier to stay out in the light. Starting too late in the day can make you miss the activities as days are comparatively shorter in winters.
  • Ice skating: You can also turn the winter festivities into a physical workout. Ice skating is one of them. This activity burns a lot of calories. Plus it is fun, especially with friends and family.
  • Talk a Walk at a nearby mall: A lot of malls offer local walking-programs & access to the people of the community in the early morning. They are a great alternative for moving on your steps.
  • Try some fitness classes:  Not only do fitness classes help with getting in the best of shape but play a great role in staying motivated during winters. Try any fitness class that sounds interesting to you.
  • Try Taking the stairs: Climbing up the stairs is a good exercise that engages your body. It elevates your heart rate while burning calories. If you do not suffer from any medical condition try taking the stairs that elevates.
  • Play indoor sports with your family: Winters are a great time for start playing your favorite indoor games with your friends and family. You can check for some local indoor spaces that offer games such as basketball, volleyball or soccer, etc.
  • Visit the local library for finding motivation: Many free exercises, books, magazines and DVDs you can get that explain different dance, aerobics, and exercise. You can get different readings on such topics from a local library.
  • Sign-up for the fun run: Taking part in non-competitive fun runs in your local community can be very helpful in keeping you active. There are short runs for 5-10 km. Take part along with your friends and family.
  • Find your activity buddy: Working out and practicing fun physical activities with a partner can be motivating. Find a partner who has the same level of commitment as you have set a plan and follow it with your buddy.

8) Everything Counts:

Even the smallest step matters. Everything you do from vacuuming your house to shoveling the snow matter. Even if you are skipping a workout session, keeping yourself engaged in different physical activities can make a difference. Keep on reminding yourself why you need to stay active even if you find it difficult.

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