The Gulf Coast of Florida is one of the most spectacular areas to visit in the state!  With over 35 miles of beaches in Sarasota County, this makes it the perfect destination for shelling and shark tooth hunting for visitors and locals alike. Known as the shark tooth capital of the world, Venice, Florida is the hot place to find them! Join me as I take you on a treasure hunt for shark teeth in Venice, Florida.

Getting To The Beaches in Venice, Florida

How to find shark teeth on the beach
Venice Florida sharks teeth hunting

Our treasure hunting adventure takes us south from Sarasota, Florida. Heading south on I-75 take exit 200 and FL-681 south towards Venice/Osprey. And continue on FL 681; keeping left at the fork and follow signs for US-41 S/Venice/Gulf Beaches and merge onto US-41 S/N Tamiami Trail. Proceed onto US 41 and look to turn right after Wells Fargo Bank on the right. Then turn left onto Sorrento Street. Look for Harbor Drive and turn left. Meanwhile, you may want to take your time and enjoy a stroll through Venice downtown as well.

Shark tooth capital of the world
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Best Place to Find Shark Teeth at Caspersen Beach

shark tooth hunting in Florida
Best shark tooth hunting, Caspersen Beach, Venice, Florida

The joy of searching for nature’s treasures is one of the most fun past times in Florida. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. Our journey begins by finding this beautiful beach called Caspersen Beach in Venice, Florida. This is where some of the world’s best shark tooth hunting spots are found. One of the neat things of this beach is that it is a bit secluded and has some beautiful unique features!

Enjoy the Unique Beach Features in Venice

Where to find shark teeth in Florida
Beach front views. Venice Florida sharks teeth hunting.

Other unique characteristics about Caspersen Beach are the untouched natural beauty areas and small crowds. As well as no buildings, condos, or other large structures nearby. Additionally, you will see the outcrops of rocks scattered along certain areas of the beach front complimenting the beautiful emerald green waters.

The sand is not as smooth and soft as other beaches near the central gulf coast areas, and it is very hot to the feet. So when visiting this beach, make sure to wear flip flops, sandals, or wet shoes to protect your feet.

Fossil shark teeth in Venice
Restroom and Showers at Caspersen Beach

There are plenty of spots in the beach parking lot as well as restrooms, showers, and nature trails. Another area that has beach access is the Brohard Beach and Maxine Barritt Park; which also has a picnic pavilion, grills, playground, and public facilities. You can walk the boardwalk out to the quiet less crowded beach area and enjoy shark tooth hunting and shelling here as well. Caspersen Beach is one of the best known spots where to find shark teeth in Florida.

Hiking the Nature Trail at Caspersen Beach in Venice

As you find your parking spot in the beach parking lot which is free by the way, you can take a short walk down the nature trail! You can make your way to the picnic area and enjoy a stroll through nature before or after your fun time scavenging the beach for shark teeth! This peaceful short trail just adds more interesting adventure to your day!

How to find shark teeth in Venice.
Nature Path Venice, Florida

Brohard Beach and Venice Fishing Pier

Where and how to find shark teeth in Florida
Venice Fishing Pier

Well, spectacular secluded beaches are not the only thing Venice has to offer. If you love to fish, then you must check out the Venice Fishing Pier! This 700 foot long pier comes with amazing sunsets, dolphin watching, and endless opportunity fishing! There is also a bait shop, picnic areas, volleyball courts, restrooms, pavilions, and a golf course nearby! Enjoy dining and fun right here at the beach!

Historic Venice Downtown

guide to hunting for shark teeth in Venice
Tree lined streets Venice Florida

Take a trip back in time when you browse the streets of downtown Venice!  This historic downtown city goes back to the 1920s as you will enjoy the old Florida charm with its tree lined streets and hanging oak tree moss. Soak in the mood with its quaint boutiques, restaurants, and vibrant feel while you shop and dine!  Be sure to wander to the less crowded area of the east side of Venice Avenue for a little more quiet exploration.

Downtown Venice Florida

Now if you come to visit the beautiful beaches in Venice, Florida; then you must go browsing in this charming little beach town. You will certainly enjoy finding unique souvenirs and coastal home decor and more! One of my favorite features of downtown Venice are the special mermaid statues. These unique beautiful mermaids and seahorse sculptures are a part of the Venice Art Center public art project. And they are spectacular!

Pre-Historic Shark Teeth Treasures

Now, let’s go back to the good stuff of talking shark teeth! If you enjoy history, then finding these prehistoric fossilized teeth will have your attention.  Similar to much of the land in the United States, Florida was once completely underwater about 10 million years ago. Sharks were abundant in this area during this time, and as the water receded, the sharks died.

Best beach to finding shark's teeth
Beautiful Caspersen Beach Venice Florida

Their skeletons disintegrated and the teeth fossilized and still remain. It is known that a fossil layer that is 18-35 feet deep is located under this coastal area of Venice!  You can find these fossils along the shoreline as a result of rough waves, waters and storms.

Sifting through earth’s treasures hunting for shark teeth

The Thrill Of Discovering Shark Teeth

There may or may not be a trick to finding these pre-historic teeth, but I have read that the further you go out into the water, you may find more of the larger teeth. The treasure hunt techniques are endless as you can beach comb along the shoreline or purchase a shark tooth sifter shovel and go to town! Another idea is to make your own contraption for scooping and sifting! Get creative!

Beaches near Venice Beach fl.
Shark Tooth Sifter Shovel. Photo: Authentic Florida

Many adventure seekers flock to Florida and take park in hunting for prehistoric shark teeth. Whether you are a professional diver or and simply a beach goer, there is plenty of sea treasures to be found! Recently, however, a diver whose business is shark teeth was attacked by an alligator in the Myakka River. So, one must always be careful and cautious of your surroundings in the Florida nature. Hunting for Megalodon Shark Teeth.
Megalodon Shark Tooth. Peace River, FL.
Photo: FossilHuntingTours

Shark Teeth Facts

Sharks can produce up to 20,000 plus teeth in their lifetime.
Sharks have 5-15 rows of teeth per jaw.
The teeth of a shark are connected differently and can fall out frequently.
The shape of shark teeth depends upon their diet.
Shark teeth are different than humans as they are less durable.
The Megalodon teeth are the most valuable and can be up to 7 plus inches in size; the largest of any shark’s teeth. And it is now extinct.

Inspired by Shark Week to search for Fossils

Even the fisherman next to me catches fish at the shore! I found some pretty shells at Caspersen Beach. Please check back here again in the near future for updates on my finds and search for shark’s teeth and shells!!

More Underwater Treasures

Our next visit takes us to Brohard Beach area on another day at an earlier time to begin our hunt for shark teeth. Hunting for sea treasures is one of the most enjoyable activities one can do at the beach! And the best part, is that it costs nothing! It is such great fun for families and all people alike of any age!


There is no better way to enjoy both science and fun than the thrill of finding earth’s treasures in the Gulf of Mexico! And to top it off, doing it at one of the best beaches to find shark teeth at Caspersen Beach. It is known as this; Venice, Florida: “The shark tooth capital of the world” and there are plenty to find. Hunting for shark teeth in Florida is an absolute fun adventure for anyone! Enjoy part of your day combing the beach, then top it off with a sunset dinner at the pier, and then take a stroll through the charming city of Venice!

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  1. Thanks for the info on shark teeth. 20,000 teeth in a lifetime is insane.
    Those beaches look stunning a great place to explore

    1. I know and what’s interesting is that their teeth are not even as durable as humans.. sharks are pretty interesting!

  2. What a cool spot! That water is so beautifully blue! And very cool that there’s a historic downtown to discover and lots of fun artifacts in the water. Sounds like a fun place for the whole family!

    1. I know! The water totally surprised us! We couldn’t believe how gorgeous the color is! We definitely had a great time in Venice!

  3. I didn’t realize that you could find prehistoric shark teeth in Florida. I always assumed they were the teeth from sharks swimming around out there. Thanks for sharing that! Caspersen Beach looks like a lovely place to relax in addition to hunting for shark teeth.

    1. I know! Isn’t that cool!? I figured that some people might think that hunting for shark teeth,.. that sharks would be swarming around in the area too! Ha lol! Nope, its the fossils that are abundant in that area; and the further you go out, the bigger teeth you find! We were totally surprised at how gorgeous this beach area is!! So much fun and thrilling!! Thanks for reading Becky!

  4. What a beautiful backdrop for a treasure hunt! And how about that fossil layer?! My goodness. I can’t wait to see what you find!

    1. Thank you, and yes, the beautiful scenery is hard to miss and distracting from my shark tooth hunt! Lol! It is so fascinating about that fossil layer out in the gulf in this area… just mind blowing. I am anxious and excited to see what I find next!!

  5. Such a different and exciting thing to do! Some incredible stats here and such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing

    1. This is why we love it,.. it is different and unique.. and thrilling all at the same time! We never even knew we had this fossil layer in our back yard… essentially in the gulf! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!!

  6. 20,000 teeth in their lifetime?? Horrifying! I never knew looking for sharks teeth was a thing?

    1. Yes, sharks in general lose their teeth all the time. Actually human teeth are more durable then theirs. And yes,.. shark tooth hunting is such a fun activity; the beach was pretty full the other day (and its summertime in Florida) all to be out searching for shark teeth! Fun fun! And if you find the now extinct Megadalon tooth; this one is like gold; its most valuable! We love it!

  7. This looks like a gorgeous beach, love the seclusion. And I love that fishing pier! How great beach sunsets must look with the pier in the picture. I love rock hunting, which is what we do up here in the far north, lol. I imagine hunting for shark’s teeth would be equally fascinating. You should make a necklace with all the one’s you’ve found!

    1. Those are the reasons we love this beach! Beautiful, secluded, the pier.. its awesome! Oh,.. we love rock hunting too. We have collected our share, lol! We are loving hunting for shark teeth! Definitely, that is my plan to create some art or jewelry with my shells and teeth! I hope to share my creations! 🙂

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