Monsoon arrives with a cosy feeling and great adrenaline rush to Trek in this lovely season and enjoy the moment. Let’s check out some of the best destinations for top monsoon treks in India. Please check the latest Covid travel guidelines for visiting India.

Valley of Flowers Trek

Best himalayan treks in India.
Valley of Flowers. Best Trekking in India

The Valley of Flowers is one of the most gorgeous, appealing and best treks in India. It has its mythological significance that Hanuman brought the magical herb to resuscitate Lakshman.The spiritual souls are still consistent to believe that the magical herb (Sanjeevni) still grows in the park. It is a pure bliss to witness the complete land roll in the vibrant, stunning, gorgeous hues blossom. It is surely enchanting and adoring to relish the moment. Approximately 700 species of flowers bloom  here. It is a floral paradise that will make you fall in love with it. It also caters to wildlife as gorgeous habitats and diverse areas feel like home. Some rare and endangered animals also constitute the biodiversity of this excellent valley.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The journey begins from Sonamarg that goes to the Naranag. The trek is a great hunt to practice and experience the exotic bliss filled with life and energy.The weather can get biting cold but it is worth it. So, why wait? Just gear up and feel the tranquility and fall in love. Kashmir is indeed the paradise on earth. Abundance of wild flowers and glacial lakes. High mountain passes take you close to the glaciers. In short, Beautiful scenery!

Bhrigu Lake Trek

A beautiful lake located at the centre of snow-covered mountains. Trekking at this spot is a bit risky, super thrilling and exciting. During the trekking here, one has to do some steep stepping, then sometimes one has to walk on winding hills. Steep rocky mountains, soaring river crossings, dense jungle are hallmark features of this tough expedition. Take your own camping stuff, including camp, hiking shoes, sleeping bag, sleeping pads etc. Bhrigu trek offers beautiful valleys, altitude grasslands, terrains, gorgeous meadows, snow covered peaks, lush plateau and snow depending upon the month of visit. It has a unique vibe and features that the lake never freezes and remains in the same condition so it looks quite adorable.

Markha Valley Trek

Himalayan lofty summits clutch the Markha valley in its heart.Trekking there is a glorious treat. It is a great sparkle to the eyes and an absolutely stunning view to wander through the valley in the Monsoon season. The village discovery, landscape glaring, satisfying the wanderlust with true bliss that surrounds is an unparalleled feeling to experience.

Beas Kund Trek

One of the best tracking and camping experiences is the hidden gem of Himachal.Trekking experience is excellent and camping is amazing, crossing a number of mountains to reach Beas Kund.The soothing tranquil aura where the Beas river is born and lays down to the natural beauty around Beas Kund. The pathway is poured as if it is smoothly for it to flow and glow. It’s an appealing place rich in the context of Holiness according to Hindu mythology as here Rishi Vyas used to bathe as per their daily routine. The sacredness, belief and spirituality make this truly attractive and highly visited spot in Kullu Valley.

Prashar Lake Trek

It is the must visit spot that pours the vibrance of natural beauty and serene aura to enjoy the place that also has a tent pitching facility. Open starry sky with a lovely peaceful aura, bonfire and your traveling soul is the best of all. Prashar lake follows the charming trails to it along with the deciduous and deodars.

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek, India.
Hampta Pass Trek, India

During this trek, one will encounter and be enthralled by the landscape’s aesthetic. You will enjoy having soaring snow-clad mountains, tranquil rivers, and deep ridges along the way. Surrounded by the mighty gorgeous Himalayas; the campsite of Jobra serves as a beginning spot of the trail to trek forward, where you will cut through a thick and long woodland. It is not such a rough trek to hunt upon as it serves with a splendid experience of beauty. It truly has a gorgeous feature that makes one fall in love with Hampta Pass Trek and the trip they are on. It is marvelous and appealing as one can witness the changes every day. Landscapes and stunning crossover from Kullu Valley to Spiti Valley will wander strike the soul with a heaven glimpse. The endeavour journey in the wild is totally an inexplicable experience that feeds the wanderlust and makes moments for a lifetime.The challenging trek comes to an end with the brilliantly blue Chandratal Lake. Stream and valley crossings, beautiful forest trails and much more challenge awaits.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Great trek to haunt with a captivating experience! As you climb higher the bird’s-eye breathtaking views are worth capturing and indulging!. The beauty of this trek will definitely be secure in your heart. You will enjoy all its diversity from lovely landscapes, culture, diverse lively flora and fauna to panoramic views, serene aura and much more. The view of the valley is truly a bliss to experience in your India hikes.

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Best Monsoon Hikes in India!
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