The obesity rate in the U.S. is about 42.4% in 2017-2018 according to the CDC. This condition is a very common and costly disease. This number can be reversed if we all make efforts to get educated more about our own health and living a more active lifestyle. Let’s begin by setting a few goals of which one goal will be to lose weight. Losing weight requires burning calories. Get your pen and pencil ready to take notes as we hope to provide you with some basic information and tips on how to jump start your fat burning engine!

When we talk about burning fat or burning calories we are talking about our metabolism rate. One of the main misconceptions about metabolism is that it is only calorie or fat-burning. However, metabolism is a sum of both catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism is the process that assists in breaking down the energy packets in order for the body to use them. On the contrary, anabolism is the process of splitting the food, extracting energy, and then storing it in the form of energy packets. Essentially, metabolism can be broken down into two main things: 1) improving the digestion rate and 2) energy consumption. So when you eat, your body will easily digest the food and then use it where it is required.

Tips on How To Jump start Your Fat Burning Engine, Tips on How To Jump start Your Fat Burning Engine

In the following article, we hope to enlighten you on some of the most amazing tips that can help you burn some extra calories without over doing it. We will also discuss a basic process that involves easy fat burning methods in a limited time.

How Our Body Uses Energy

Our body uses the stored energy in three different ways. All three are important for you to want to lose weight at an exponential rate. However, if you focus on just one and know how to control the limitations, you will be able to see significant improvement and results. There are mainly three ways the body uses energy:

  1. The body uses energy to heal the injuries and replace old cells
  2. The body uses energy for daily life activities or physical activities like walking, cooking, washing, mopping, etc.
  3. The body also uses energy to perform basic life functions which include breathing, digestion, thinking, heart beating, etc.

In short, there is no way to increase calorie burnout if we look at it from the energy usage point of view. Physical activity can be natural like working or doing daily chores, or it can be exercise. Furthermore, when exercising, the consumption of energy can be significantly increased.

Tips on How To Jump start Your Fat Burning Engine
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How to Increase the Energy Consumption Within Exercise?

With respect to energy consumption during exercise; we are referring to how many calories we are burning. Some people think you need to lift more weight or work more hours but others limit their time and end up burning the same amount of calories. For most beginners, this concept can be frustrating and confusing. You may think you don’t have to put the time into exercising and still get quick results, but you can think of it this way. If you want successful results, it depends upon what level of effort you put into it. Explained below, the three main factors of what drive the exercise:

Intensity: You can either increase the intensity of the exercises or increase the calorie count. This can be done from brisk walking, faster running; rather than just a casual walk or jog.

Time: You can increase the time limit, like run for at least a few hours daily.

Distance: You can also increase the distance such as run or bike for multiple miles at a time.

Proper Exercises

High-intensity training is one of the best training techniques when it comes to fat burning. You will see that even after finishing your workout, it will take longer to cool down. Apart from this, exercise gives a hint to your body that it needs more energy to stay active, which is the reason the body breaks down more packets of energy and provides it to the body for the workout. This is the same reason most people feel much more active and energized right after a good workout session.

How to Get Your Body to Start Burning Fat.

Cut the Meals

One of the biggest issues people are challenged with today, is how to control food portion sizes. Most people like to eat too much but the body has a high metabolism effect once you eat something. However, once it is digested, your body comes back to a normal rate. When you eat too much at a certain time, you will see a boost in metabolism. However, if you consume smaller meals and eat after every hour, your body will stay in hyper-metabolism all the time. This will help you increase your metabolism rate without any extra effort.

Foods to help your body to burn fat.
Control food portion sizes and eat more often to help increase metabolic rate

Eating Spicy Food

Most people think that a spice tastes just like sugar or salt. On the contrary, spice induces pain reactions from the body which eventually helps with the sensation that we feel. For most people, spicy food is really good because it helps with increasing metabolism and digestion. However, too many spices can become the reason for infection and digestive issues as well. It is better to look at the spice tolerance before jumping to any conclusion.

Spicy foods and metabolism

Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep quality has a very strong connection with digestion. When the body begins to digest foods, it requires more energy. If you find yourself experiencing restless nights with little to no REM (rapid eye movement) and deep sleep, then digestion will most likely be affected. Another very important thing to remember is that some people try to boost their productivity by drinking energy drinks. These drinks usually contain stimulant ingredients such as caffeine and can affect the ability to become tired and get the quality sleep that the body needs to maintain healthy digestion and metabolic rate.

Green Tea

Studies have shown that green tea has beneficial ingredients to the human body. We have seen that green tea is advertised as a healthy drink. Green tea has been shown to improve cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.There is no doubt about the fact that green tea soothes the body and helps in increasing the metabolism rate. And it does contain small amounts of caffeine and antioxidants of which both aid in fat burning and enhancing metabolism. Apart from all these benefits, it works great for removing toxins from the body.

Drinks and food to increase metabolism naturally.
Green tea

Drink Water Before Meals

We all talk about food and how eating too much may result in weight gain. Gaining weight is the effect of consuming more calories than you are burning. One way to prevent an increase in weight is drink cold water before you start eating as this helps in speeding up digestion. When you drink a glass of water prior to eating a meal, it can make you feel more full and satiated.  Apart from this, you may need to replace fizzy sugary drinks with regular cold water if you have a desire to improve digestion and eventually the metabolism rate as well.

More Protein

One of the primary topics that fitness instructors usually talk about is how to improve the diet. When suggesting tips and ideas about how to lose weight, for example, they might suggest protein since it is effective in helping muscles recover from a workout or training session. Consuming food can increase metabolism for a short period of time. This effect in the body is known as the thermic effect of food (Thermogenesis). If we compare foods, we will see that protein has the highest rate of the thermic effect. If you eat protein with every meal you will eventually see an increase in your metabolism rate.

Thermo-genesis and metabolism adding protein

In Summary

Boosting the metabolism is not all about exercise, but the benefits can be substantial! There are many other things you can do to boost your metabolism. This might include variations of food types that you consume or it can be a lifestyle change. Although there are a number of many different quick fixers in the market that help boost metabolism today, these potions or fads are usually conditional. In order to jump start your fat burning engine or improve your metabolism, you must adapt a healthy lifestyle and consider all the ideas mentioned above.

Note: Please be sure to consult your health professional before starting any exercise or nutritional programs.

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Tips on How To Jump start Your Fat Burning Engine
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