Exercise is good for physical health and helps you with living a long and good life. But there is much more to exercise then jumping jacks and push ups. There is much more to learn when it comes to overall fitness. There are several types of physical exercises that are good for mental health in general. However, the whole package of being fit goes much further than just the body. The mind is a very powerful part of the body and needs a different kind of exercise. We have seen people in good physical health but when it comes to mental peace and emotional strength they struggle. Therefore we put together a list of what kinds of exercise are good for brain health as well as memory. And of course, good for overall health!

In some circumstances, mental fragility can impact the exercises as well. People usually give up in the middle and they struggle with consistency which is one of the biggest issues so far. Considering all these things and fast pace life, we cannot separate mental health from physical health. If you are physically fit but are mentally struggling, you will eventually see the impact on your physical health as well. You may consider how we arrange the exercises. Some people add meditation and yoga in their warm-up sessions. Whereas, others like to add them in their cool-down sessions. What most people do not realize is that yoga in itself is a complete exercise.

Effective Exercises For Mind And Bodyh.
Meditation practice

For someone who might be having a bit of a hard time with their own situation, we have listed some of the best exercises as well as the benefits that can help with improving mental health overall. From basic exercises that most people recommend to some of the exercises that you can integrate with your daily workout plan; we mention all the details below.

Effective Exercises Good For Mental Health

Included below is a list of exercise ideas and basic information to help you in your quest to make positive change in your daily routine. These activities are not only good for the body but also the mind.


Running is very good for mental health, especially when we talk about focusing and clearing the head from distracting thoughts. Some people think that running is all about physical health, however, this is not true when you run. It also engages the mind as you are positively converting your excess energy. Now, if we dissect the idea of energy it is not just limited to the fats or energy packets. Even our negative emotions are a source of energy, if we keep bottling up our negative energy this will eventually impact the body and mental health. This is the reason most people feel the adrenaline rush once they run.

Running is great aerobic exercise.
Running an aerobic activity top brain exercises to keep you sharp


Boxing is another great way to help your mind relax. When you are angry and frustrated, boxing will help you use that excess energy and exert it out without any side effects. Most business tycoons and people who deal with creative occupations can go through a phase of complete frustration and anger daily. Which makes boxing an excellent method to exert out all the energy that they may have bottled up. Even younger folks and kids who go through some mental tension are asked to try boxing so that they can let out their anger and frustration. Which is a much needed thing in today’s highly stressful and noisy world.

Boxing exercises

Other Types of Aerobic Exercises

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Cycling
  • Lunges
  • High Knees
  • Swimming
  • Rowing

Muscle Relaxing Technique

Muscle relaxing technique is one of the most used psychological techniques that help with body and mind relaxation. To implement this technique try the following:

  1. Sitting in a comfortable position, starting from the basics. Place your mind focus on your face muscles-cheeks, eyes, then neck muscles. Gradually move your ‘muscle/body part thought’ down to the toes.
  2. You can say phrases quietly in your mind; for example: “Relax cheeks, jaw, neck, shoulders. Continue slowly down to your quads, hamstrings, knees, calves, feet and toes.
  3. Breathe deep and slowly.
  4. Repeat

You might consider this a meditation technique that you keep using throughout your work days as well as at home.

Relaxation Mindful exercises

Guided Meditation

Guided mediation is purely directed toward the mind and not much towards the body. Starting from focusing on good memories and thoughts to controlling emotions, this is also known as guided imagery. However, with guided imagery, the breathing process is not very lengthy. There is no use of energy but you can calm yourself as well as help your body have some control of your emotions. This is a complete deal that you can use in real life as well.

Effective Exercises To Improve Mind And Body
Effective Exercises To Improve Mind And Body


Aerobic exercise is completely physical but it has a very deep connection with the mind. By including aerobic exercise into your routine, it can help keep your mind sharp. It may also help protect memory, reasoning and judgement for some elderly folks. This type of exercise usually involves moving large muscle groups. You are also breathing faster and more deeply. Hence maximizing the oxygen levels in  your blood. With the help of aerobics, you develop a good muscle memory.  Thus controlling your emotions and eventually helping you with balancing your body as your muscles endure increased blood flow and blood flow back to your lungs.

Aerobic Activity helps keep your mind sharp
Aerobic Activity helps keep your mind sharp

For people who may be dealing with some memory issues, aerobic exercise can help increase the blood flow towards the brain. Reason is because this is all the blood filled with oxygen and nutrition. This eventually helps with making your mind healthy and increasing the healing process (oxygen carrying away carbon dioxide and lactid acid).


Yoga is one of the best exercises that help you connect your mind with the body. The word, “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuji” which means unifying the mind and the body. With the help of yoga, you are not only controlling your mind but also your body. No extra equipment is needed, or any other machines. Instead, you are using the weight of your body to build strength, improve flexibility, and overall wellness. With yoga, you perform special poses that will help you manage back pain, stiffness of the neck, achy joints, and overall body pain. It all comes down to maintaining a healthy body. As well, yoga also incorporates meditation which helps you connect your body with your mind.  

Yoga Meditation: Effective Ways To Improve Mind and Body
Yoga Meditation: Effective Ways To Improve Mind and Body

The best thing about yoga is that it uses the power of meditation and helps you control your breathing and emotions. Yoga is not all about the mind but also about the body as well. So, if are not able to get physical exercise in your routine, yoga can be enough to keep your mind and body healthy. Within yoga, you will not only be able to lose weight but you can essentially customize it according to the nature of your issue. Almost all athletes use yoga for maintaining flexibility and good position. Practicing particular poses that affect different areas of pain within the body. For example: twisting poses can assist with better digestion.


Meditation is a way that helps you use the maximum capacity of your lungs and use it to foster your mind. Meditation is a way that can help you control your breathing as well as your mind. Generally, meditation comes down to the way you control your energy and exert the energy in controlling your emotions.

Yoga can be broken down into a combination of both meditation and other forms of movements. In short, yoga is a mix of clandestine exercises and mediation. This doesn’t mean meditation alone is not good for the body. It can also be effective in controlling negative energy, emotions of frustration, or anger by practicing meditation.

Bottom Line

Exercise is merely one of the key elements to life longevity. It not only can have an impact on your body but also your mind. By implementing these exercises and practices, you are then in control of your health and overall wellness. Yoga and meditation are just a few mind exercises to boost memory and help you in your quest for healthy living and wellness. Mental health exercises allow you to decide if you want to stay in control of your emotions. You need to make sure that your emotions stay in balance and this will help you feel more in control of everything around you as well. Usually, these things take time but with continuous practice, the right selection of exercises and consistency, you will eventually start to see the results of your efforts and hard work.


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  1. Love that you included both cardio and yoga in a blog about exercise. One is as useful as the other! The benefits of cardio might be more obvious, but yoga is something that you can do anywhere in any weather and at any age or condition your body might be in.

    1. They are definitely equally both important in the goals of achieving overall wellness! Thank you, Linda, for this wonderful comment!

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