Camping and Sun

Outdoor living meets professional responsibility. If you’re a business professional who also happens to be a digital nomad and outdoor enthusiast, then continue reading. The next few paragraphs include a quick look at a few ways you can ensure your business is running well. Especially when you’re camping, hiking, or otherwise involved with Mother Nature.

Business Preparation

Running your business remotely may seem challenging. It means taking a few preemptive measures to keep things operating smoothly. First, you’ll want to make sure that you invest in a workflow or project management software. This allows you to create tasks and monitor them digitally. So that you always know where each customer order or project is in your business pipeline.

Select Team Leaders While You Are Away

Next, set a point person for each department or assign project managers or team leaders. This way, you have a single person to communicate with, and you are not constantly having to field questions from your entire team.

A final thought here is to research the benefits of forming an LLC. Your limited liability corporation means that you will have less paperwork to fill out each year, and you may save money in taxes, which you can then put back into your business. Rules are different from state to state, so confirm your local regulations before moving ahead; you can get a general, non-state-specific overview of LLCs here.

Your Responsibilities Don’t End While You’re On Vacation

Once you have a few business measures taken care of, it’s time to look at the way you travel. Ideally, you can choose locations that are covered by 5G, since you likely won’t have Wi-Fi while you’re camping. Fortunately, most major carriers cover a good chunk of the US, and you should have no problem finding a beautiful outdoor area, where you can make memories and still handle business.

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The Proper Tools

You’ll also need to have the right equipment. If you plan to devote hours to working like you are in a regular office, a work surface and rugged laptop are a must. You’ll also want to pack along a solar power bank and something to block the sun glare from your computer screen.

Perhaps most importantly, you must communicate your schedule with your point people. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to do this is to share your calendar, which is a simple process according to mobile app development company Readdle.

Remote Workers

Now it’s time to think about how to handle your employees while you are off site. There is a good chance that you operate with a remote workforce, so clearly outlining expectations for your staff is crucial. If possible, they should have access to standard operating procedures and a daily schedule. You might also consider implementing a daily or weekly reporting process, which might or might not include a video meeting.

Managing Your Business

Importantly, you will also want to address working hours, flexibility, and vacation time with your staff. Remember, just as you enjoy your time away and return refreshed and ready to tackle issues, your staff also needs time off. Make sure they understand work hours, which might be different if you are using freelancers or full-time employees. You’ll also need to be prepared to allow some autonomy, so the less rigid your policies here, the better.

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Time spent out in nature is important to our physical and mental health. But, managing our businesses is important to our financial wellness. And, without the latter, we can’t afford the former. If you plan to travel, and especially if that means checking out to remote locations, having a plan in place before you put on your hiking boots will save you, your employees, and customers headaches and hardships and allow you to focus on both your adventures and your entrepreneurial endeavours.


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  1. Imagine running a business whilst camping at that first spot – that’s the dream of the digital nomads across the globe. Some great tips here.

    1. I totally agree! But if one can swing it,.. what a wonderful thing to do what you love and get paid!

  2. I’d love to be a digital nomad and have these types of problems lol. Mind you, I like working by myself, and building a business. Great article. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Exactly! I certainly do too,.. I admit I enjoy calling the shots – myself. lol! Thanks for reading!

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