Welcome to your home for fitness and fun! It is time to take a Yoga break today! Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend my friends! It is that time again to get motivated! It can be very challenging in today’s work environment which primarily consists of sitting at a desk and zoom calls. As a result of the pandemic, these negative outcomes must be reversed. Let’s make a huge effort to change these negative results of weight gain and joint stiffness, and other problems that are turning for the worse. We must all work hard to help decrease and diminish diseases.

I have a goal in helping to change some of the sedentary habits of people. My goals are to inspire and help motivate and encourage you all to get up and move around frequently throughout the day! I hope you will take advantage by joining in today’s free yoga class of called Stand Up and Stretch, by Yoga Download!

So enjoy this free new video of the week: Oct 22!  Happy Friday Fitness!

Stand Up and Stretch * Yoga Download


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