If you want to enjoy your trip, you need to choose a boat rental that fits your needs. Renting a boat in Miami Beach is possible in a wide variety of types of boats. From luxury yachts to pontoons, fishing boats, jet skis and sailing catamarans; each of these types of boats is available for rent.

Kayaks – Kayaks are small, extremely slim, and can only be operated by a single person or a small number of people.

Besides sports activities and sight-seeing, kayaks can also be used for fishing! Look no further than the kayak for the hard to get to spots. Because if you are looking for a cost-effective way to access the nooks and crannies of the shoreline, or some well-hidden fishing holes. Small boats cannot move through many shallow areas without spooking nearby fish.

With its maneuverability and speed, this type of boat is ideal for tubing, wake boarding, water skiing, swimming, lounging, and partying. This is why nowadays, pontoon boats are highly efficient and reliable. There are many sizes and styles available. Because now fishing or a party can be thoroughly enjoyed on them. Miami Beach pontoon boats come in different styles.

  • Boats with luxury pontoons
  • Value pontoon boats
  • Water sports pontoon boats
  • Fishing pontoon boats
  • Party barges
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Deck rental boats are similar to pontoon boats, but they have more power and are faster.

They can also be called high-performance boats, since they can be operated all day long. Jet skis can also be used instead of them because of their high speed.

A perfect choice for an outing. Because of the luxurious seating, this offers speeds similar to a ski boat. So you can feel relaxed and comfortable. Therefore this allows you to spend a relaxing afternoon with family or loved ones, you can rent a boat and go to a sandbar.

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Luxury Yachts – If you want to spend some serious cash and have a great time over the water, the luxurious yacht is for you.

As if the luxuries of a five-star hotel were just over the blue waters of Miami beach. Cruising on a yacht is truly a unique experience. Definitely unforgettable. Because of its spacious size, yachting offers plenty of fun activities. Party cruises, weddings, business meetings, nightclub parties, and more!

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to cruise with family and friends while eating fantastic food and taking in the view of Miami Beach. There are some factors to keep in mind with respect to renting a yacht. When chartering a yacht, you must also consider the following factors.

  • The budget you have
  • Charters that are inclusive or expense-based
  • Destinations and duration of the trip
  • A yacht charter boat’s size

Jet Ski Boats – Feel the thrill of speeding over water and wind rushing through your hair on a Jet Ski boat.

The Florida Keys are complete with nooks and crannies that you can reach by riding on jet skis. You will discover inland waterways that you did not know existed and the Atlantic Ocean! This exhilarating ride gives you more than just a ride around Miami Beach. It takes you to Miami’s watery secrets, all at exhilarating speeds and fun waves!

Boat rental companies in Miami charge an average of $150 per hour. Pricing varies depending on the company and model of Jet Ski. In order to stay safe on the water, prepare for a security deposit ahead of time and follow all the instructions provided.

There are companies that offer guided tours; while others let you drive around any prescribed area on your own. Jet skis can be rented from any boat rental company in Miami Beach to explore the blue water. Jet skis are now very maneuverable and easy to operate, which is a great combination! 


Enjoying time on the water can be exhilarating and exciting! Whether it be an adventure in a kayak through mangroves and secret water spots, you will feel the sense of freedom and fun while out on that water. A feeling like no other and difficult to describe. Enjoy these water adventure tips from Sailo, your number one place for finding the perfect boat vessel rental!

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