Snag These Last Minute Christmas Gifts That They Will Love!

Alright folks, we are down to the wire. Are you one of those procrastinators during the holidays and wait until the last few days to get your gifts? Well, there are more of us out there than you think! We all get very busy with life, and sometimes this is how it works out. I hope to help you out a little and provide some fantastic ideas for gifts that you will love!

Adventure Gifts Supporting Women

Soy candle gifts
last minute gift ideas
Stocking stuffers candles
Where Gals Wander gift ideas

Shop.WhereGalsWander is a wonderful place to find yourself or a loved one some very unique items specially tailored for the adventure, beach, and mountain lover in your life! Don’t just feel the vibe, Be the vibe with one of the sassy gifts from the Where Gals Wander shop!

Christmas gift ideas
Last minute gifts
Shop Where Gals Wander

You will love these awesome soy candles! The scent will bring a relaxed and rejuvenated mood to any room! I surely enjoyed mine! Choose from the many scents for example cinnamon bun, Christmas tree, snowy night, and toasted marshmallow! Use code: FLT at checkout!

Travel Wander Club Chain Fighting Hunger

Where will you go next? Making memories and not collecting things. Great idea for an office or work gift exchange, for those who love to travel, or a neighbor or even a first responder! With your order, you help save the world. The Wander Club donates a portion of the sale with every purchase. To my friends and followers, you receive a special discount when you purchase from the Wander Club.

cool last minute christmas gifts
last minute christmas gifts
travel christmas gifts

Use the discount code: FitLifeTravel to receive the savings on your favorite travel tokens and collectibles! This is such a wonderful way to reflect on all your travel and experiences with these special tokens and keep your memories alive in your mind.

The Wander Club chain
Last minute gifts for travelers
Last minute Christmas gifts
The Wander Club chain helps you collect memories!

The Wander Club and its non profit partner, Rice Bowls are working together to help provide meals for hungry children! They have donated more that 100K meals to date!

Gift of Fitness With Sports Socks

For the active fitness and adventure lover, these comfortable sport socks will be perfect. They consist of Coolmax technology that helps control moisture and odor. Additionally, this technology keeps moisture away from the body, therefore helping prevent blisters from forming, as well as controlling odors. Leaving you with not only great style and look, but with comfort and performance! 

Enjoy the savings with the information provided below at purchase. Avoalre Sport Socks 

Discount Code:  15%    FYKM2CUG    expiry date: 2022-11-30

Reading is the Best Gift

Gifts for booklovers
Gifts for readers
Last minute Christmas gifts

Are you looking to give something to that book lover or outdoor adventurer? Lost Angel Adventures is the ultimate destination for this! Giving the gift of adventure and epic outdoor experiences is priceless. The receiver will enjoy how Linda Ballou has you sitting on the edge of your seat with every excursion she describes in her stories!

last minute christmas gifts women
Christmas gifts for readers
Lost Angel Adventures Last Minute Gift Ideas

Check out her other numerous books on many of her exciting ventures into the wild. Recently, one her books was named a Historical Fiction winner by Equus Film & Art. The book is “Embrace the Wild;” a great last minute Christmas Gift Guide Idea: Give the gift of adventure!

Relaxing Massage Guns Hyperice Hypervolt GO Massager

last minute gifts for her
christmas gift ideas
massage percussion guns

This tool is great for massaging sore muscles and then some. It feels wonderful. This is the percussion tool that my chiropractor uses on me. It is perfect to target stiff and sore areas such as the gluteus maximus (your buns) area to help with sciatica.  

Athleta Coffee Run Wallet

Carry your essentials in one convenience carry package. This is perfect for when you need to dash out the door; you can just grab this handy dandy little wallet and you are all set! Now this is stocking stuffer perfection!

Please remember to enjoy your holidays! Be happy and make the most of the precious time with your loved ones, friends and family! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope for a joyous new year!

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