The state of Utah might be one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. It’s abundance of nature, red hued landscapes, and outdoor recreation choices are off the charts! If you’d ever visited Utah, I have no doubt that you would certainly agree. The options for activity are numerous and ranges from summertime fun to winter wandering. The outdoor excursions are endless. So please enjoy the captivating Mighty Five parks in Utah and how they compare.

The individual parks that comprise the Mighty Five Utah’s stunning nature each has its own look, feel, and characteristics. These features range from the red rock colors, the shapes and arches, and canyon landscapes. These extraordinary parks offer not only beauty and visual pleasure; but history and an importance to our way of life.

You will soon discover all the various unique features, colors, and shapes of the landscape in all of Utah’s parks. This includes not only national parks, but other preserves and state parks. They might share similar characteristics such as the red dirt or different variations such as trees and creeks. So, let’s compare each of Utah’s Mighty Five national parks. Perhaps we can determine what the best national parks to visit in Utah are.

Capitol Reef National Park in south central Utah

This extraordinary national park is known as the Waterpocket fold and this is how Capitol Reef can be defined. This geological feature is a wrinkle in the earth’s crust extending nearly 100 miles from the Thousand Lake Mountain area to Lake Powell. This unique feature resulted in a repositioning, uplifting, and erosion of the rock layers.

Capitol Reef National Park description.
Travel Guide to Utah's Mighty Five

The park puts on a show with its displays of unusual visual enlightenment from its vibrant palette of red hues and oddly shaped rocks. Chimney Rock is one of the most distinctive earthly shapes here resulting from erosion of water, wind, and other natural forces. This national park consists of rare folded geological figures, lifted rugged earth that was created millions of years ago. There are an abundance of amazing things to see in Capitol Reef National Park!

Canyonlands National Park Utah

One of the most recognizable rocky shapes in Utah, Mesa Arch, is located approximately at 500 feet and is iconic in its own right. In order to capture the iconic sunrises at Mesa Arch, it is critical to be an early bird. All the reasons to fall in love with its chiseled canyons, narrow trail paths, and epic views; Canyonlands is a true land of wonder.

There is no shortage of outdoor adventures in this park with canyoneering tours, hiking excursions, river rafting, rock climbing, and so much more! There are a number of spectacular Canyonlands National Park hiking trails that include the following:

Canyonlands National Park ladscapes

Arches National Park facts

When you visit Arches National Park, you might consider making a stop at Canyonlands. It is located only about 30 minutes from this park and the city of Moab. This park is home to more than 2000 natural stone arches and numerous other rock formations.

My research discovered that this particular park sits on top of an underground salt bed. It is said to be one of the main reasons why there are so many arches in this area. Another interesting fact about Arches National Park history is that the park here is extremely fragile. As the park continues to have over a million visitors every year, this is a threat to this high desert eco-system.

One of principal factors that contribute to this parks’ sensitivity to damage by visitors is the lack of rainfall, scarce deep freezing, plant litter and soils.  

Bryce Canyon Hoodoos The Utah Mighty Five Parks And How They Compare

A park that offers an array of diversity and illusive scenes while exploring the magnificent vistas and trails of Bryce Canyon National Park. The landscape scenes are always changing. It is also known as ‘Poetry in Stone’ according to the national park information brochure that illustrates and explains the history behind this strange and spectacular countryside.

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

Right before your eyes, are the results clearly of what wind, water, and weather can do to the landscape in Bryce Canyon. Take a special notice of the rock formation shapes called hoodoos located throughout the entire park. Millions of years ago, water lay over the entire area of Bryce Canyon and up until today, played only a minor role in its story.

The combination of the climate conditions is common at Bryce. The snow, ice and freezing expands and cracks the rocks. Additionally, the heating during the afternoon can create something known as soil creep. This causes the stone material to move downward. More erosion happens thereafter when the thunderstorms dissolve the limestone material further.

Zion National Park Travel and Hiking Guide

The geographical regions of the Colorado Plateau lie along the area known as Zion National Park. The park is bursting with so many unique diverse features. The red sandstone rock formations are the outcome of erosion, deposited sedimentation, lithification, and uplift. This activity is occurring over millions of years. Zion is the oldest national park earning the designation in the year 1919.

Zion National Park in Utah Travel and Hiking Guide

The geology will fascinate you just as much as the adventure! Hiking and scrambling opportunities here are endless. The incredible Angels Landing and Hidden Canyon; both trails are considered strenuous and rated as difficult. Note: Reservations are now required to hike Angels Landing. No matter how you enjoy Zion, it will touch your soul!

You will find some of the most beautiful national parks in the gorgeous state of Utah! The extraordinary Might Five parks definitely are a work of art no matter how you see them! There is most certainly no shortage of adventure and exploration! Please when visiting these or any parks, remember the “Leave No Trace” policy. Let’s all work together to preserve these precious places of nature and beauty!


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  1. Kudos for hiking Angel’s Landing. I know it’s popular and many people hike it, but there is no way I could ever do it. Too scared of heights!

    1. Angels Landing is definitely a cool and exhilarating hike. Sadly, its so busy now, that you need a reservation. Which is better for safety. Ha lol, yes, I usually am a chicken of heights but I keep surprising myself and completing these awesome hikes!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Utah is such an amazing location to visit and explore. We’ve only made it to Zion and Bryce but will be planning a 2023 trip to finish off the big 5. You can’t beat the geologic wonders of these Parks. THXS for sharing and keep posting

  3. We’d love to visit all 5 on a single road trip. Unfortunately, we’ve only been to Arches, but the nighttime sky and stars will be remembered forever.

    1. And Arches is most definitely an incredible park; and seeing it at night must have been such a treat! That clear sky out in nature,.. just amazing.

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