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Florence is known as among the top renowned cultural and historic cities on earth. And is brimming with amazing architectural structures and landmarks as the capital city of the Tuscany region in Italy. Florence is a city with a population of 383,000 and the metropolitan population is 1.5 million. The beautiful city is situated in central Italy and is a well-established railway system that connects Pisa as well as Bologna.

Things to do in Florence
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If you’re looking for an injection of art and culture then incredible structures such as The Duomo will not surprise you. You can check out the list of some amazing things to do in Florence:

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Seven amazing wonders in the world are impressive creations by man or nature. One of the wonders in the universe is called the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is situated in the town of Pisa in Italy. The bell tower, constructed in 1372, is tilted in 3.97 degree angles and was built within the Romanesque design of architecture.

While you’re visiting Pisa’s Leaning Tower of Pisa, do make sure to visit its Square of Miracles. This is where the Opera del Duomo Museum, Cathedral, Sinopie Museum, and Camposanto are all accessible. Paying a visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa Tickets  is one of the best things to do in Florence. It makes a great experience of wonder and unforgettable memories.

Florence Cathedral | Amazing Things To Do In Florence Italy

Perhaps the most recognizable cathedral in the world is the Duomo as it is called in Florence. The crown jewel of Florence’s city. It was first constructed in 1436, however, the impressive front facade was not finished before the turn of the century. The cathedral is situated in the heart of the city’s old town. It is surrounded by a soaring spire. The Duomo is visible for miles and is an impressive view among other buildings of the medieval period. The exterior and front façade of the Cathedral are massive. They are coated in white marble as well as green, red, and pink patterns in polychrome. The colors and style are stunning.

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Giotto’s Campanile Florence Italy

Many people believe that Giotto’s Campanile is part of the Duomo but it is distinct on its own. The structure is a work in Gothic Architecture and is considered to be one of the most famous styles of the capital city. The tower is divided into five levels. The external facade of the tower has a polychrome marble design which is also visible on the Duomo with its vibrant pink and green hues.

Built in 1334 and completed in 1359, the structure was created by the famous painter Giotto. However, it was finished by Talenti who completed the final levels following Giotto’s passing away in 1343. Numerous art, sculptures, and ornamental panels decorate the tower. These are what makes this the ultimate masterwork from the world of Renaissance art.

Palazzo Vecchio

While it is true that the Duomo is the main structure for religious purposes, it is the Palazzo Vecchio that is the most important administrative structure in Florence. The Palazzo Vecchio was the Palace of the Signoria of the Republic of Florence. It has also served as a town hall during later times and built in 1299. the Palazzo was created with the help of architects who designed the Duomo and the church of Santa Croce. The square-shaped design is complemented by numerous crenulations, it resembles an old castle.

It also features a massive bell tower. The front façade is where an array of the arms of the coast can be seen. These represent different families and notable people who have been involved in the town during that time. The inside part of the castle is beautiful. It contains a variety of rooms originally decorated, similar to The Hercules Room and The Room of Cybele.

Ponte Vecchio

Florence is a city full of famous structures as well as an array of famous bridges. Ponte Vecchio is an extremely well-known and long-standing bridge and spans along the Arno River. The Vecchio Bridge is noted for the number of shops that accompany along its sides. As well as an elaborate historical past and the multitude of shops alongside the main path.

The bridge’s history records indicate it was built in 996, but the precise date of its creation is unclear. Take a stroll on this magnificent structure and browse through the many shops and vendors. There are jewelry stores, art dealers in addition to souvenir shops as well. When you reach the midpoint, the bridge is opened and provides amazing views across the River Arno.

Boboli Gardens | Things To Do In Florence Italy

In close proximity to the Palazzo Pitti, the Boboli Gardens are vast and stunning. With an area of over 45,000 square meters, the gardens are one of the biggest within Florence and are a real pleasure to stroll through. They were established in the 16th century and renamed the Boboli Gardens feature a myriad of diverse sections.

These include the main lawn, which has an obelisk and fountain an array of exotic flowers, plants and flowers. As well as many large ponds that are adorned with water-based features. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take refuge in this beautiful spot and appreciate the gorgeous patterns and natural materials: boboli garden tickets

Corridoio Vasariano

Vasari Corridor was first designed to be a private pathway to Cosimo de Medici, who lived from Palazzo Pitti to Palazzo Pitti to the Palazzo Vecchio – The highest-ranking people of Florence in the 1500s would often be not able to leave the open.

Beginning from the beginning at the Palazzo Vecchio, the enclosed corridor runs alongside the Arno river. It passes across to the Ponte Vecchio and continues on until it reaches the Palazzo Pitti on the other side.

When you plan your next trip to visit various countries, you might consider Florence, Italy. On your visit to one of the most iconic cities in the world, Florence can leave you in pure reverence. It will immerse you in rich history, impressive architecture, and a walk back in time like no other.

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