White sun kissed beaches, palm trees galore, and pink golden sunsets make the perfect ending to a spectacular day anywhere in Florida. The sunshine state might be considered the superior tropical paradise. One of the many gems of Florida can be found in the areas of Bradenton and Sarasota. However, the changes in the communities as of late, are having a negative impact on quality of life. See the complete discussion in the video below:

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Pros: Culture and Arts Galore

The sunshine state really does have a lot to offer. So, don’t get me wrong, the central gulf coast living can be a paradise for many people. And there is a vast array of wonderful things to see and do. There are numerous arts and cultural activities and events happening all throughout the year. You will find plenty of various museums from the Bishop Museum to Botanical Gardens, and classic car museums. And to uplift and brighten the community, there is no shortage of unique sculptures and street art around the local area.

Beautiful Florida Beaches and Sunsets

Then the rare and interesting sand sculpture art event is really neat to see. Florida is also known to offer incredible beach and boat life! If you love the water, this area on the Gulf is loaded with opportunities.

Cons: A Nightmare in Paradise: Florida Living Pros & Cons

Now the cons:

1. Traffic has become horrible in the central gulf coast region. I-75 is in the process of expanding across the Manatee River, so delays and gridlock are a common thing nowadays. (And this happens in the middle of summer when the snow birds have all left).

2. Crowded Beaches. IMPORTANT Tip: Leave to go to the beach before 9 AM; especially on the weekends or holidays. (To find a parking spot and a good area on the beach or picnic table).

3. Sorry to disappoint you boat lovers: Crowded Waterways. It’s like a busy freeway out on the way these days. I notice recently, I am seeing more boats dock near along the beach coastlines. In my opinion, taking away from the experience of those people enjoying the beach.

The Cons of Florida Living

4. Less Access to Golf: Most of the golf courses in the local area have become private; and expensive to join. There are only three public courses in this area: Buffalo Creek, Manatee County Golf Course, and River Run Golf Links; and they are also participating in the dynamic pricing. Which doesn’t usually benefit the golfer/customer.

5. Extremely High Humidity: This humidity is sometimes so unbearable. You must make sure to drink plenty of fluids. And along with humidity come the bugs: The mosquitos and no see ums are absolutely terrible. I have been eaten alive by these evil insects!

6. Florida has become a very high cost of living in recent years. The median home price as of June 2023 for Bradenton is $449,900, and Sarasota is $649,900 and is considered an expensive city to live for the average American.

7. This is a biggy: HURRICANES: IF you live in Florida, be ready to experience a hurricane, tropical storm at some point over time. They have become more frequent, so it’s a good idea to always be prepared and ready to deal with one.

8. Insurance woes: Nearly all insurance companies have left the state of Florida. And rates are through the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bradenton FL growing?

The straight forward and clear answer is yes! A recent article in the Bradenton Herald featuring a topic related to the growth. The primary focus of this report is: Bradenton, Florida growth: too much too fast. Growth has been over .90% increase each year subsequently since 2020.

How fast is Manatee County growing?

Over the past two years, Manatee County has added more than 29,000 residents to the local area.

Is it cheaper to live in Bradenton or Sarasota?

It is known that the cost of living is similar in both cities. They are located right next to each other. However, Bradenton is can be slightly lower when comparing to Sarasota living. Of course, properties and general living can be more expensive near the coast.

Final Thoughts on living in Bradenton Sarasota area

One of the first things I said to myself upon my arrival to this area years ago: Bradenton-Sarasota area is a hidden gem that people are only beginning to learn about. Florida in general is full of amazing beauty, nature, and a unique quality of life. If you are thinking about relocating or visiting the local Florida beaches, be aware of the topics discussed here. If you reside in the state of Florida or the local area, please let me know if I left anything out and if you agree or don’t agree in the comments.


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  1. I recognise a few things here that are problems elsewhere too, over population, traffic, crowded beaches, issues with humidity and extreme weather – you could have been talking about some of my favourite places in Asia! A thought provoking post, thank you.

    1. Oh, that’s true,.. lol. But this area used to be quiet, slow, significantly less traffic (people) so it was pretty nice about 5 years ago. Today, the city /county govt. is approving construction projects too many too often. In the newspaper – there’s an article, “Too Much Growth, Too Soon”.. But the no income tax is really one of the best benefits of living here. 🙂 Hope you are doing well!

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