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Move over blockbuster movies and cable television, here comes the hottest phase in entertainment. Podcasts have become some of the most captivating experiences since sliced bread. There are so many topics and so much information out there. So, there is literally a podcast about everything. Its really awesome to become truly engrossed into these podcast discussions on various topics. Read on to see my most compelling podcast favorites and maybe you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Cutting the Cable TV Chord

The interesting podcasts might be considered an experience because you are so drawn into the subject. Sadly, in recent times, people have become exhausted with whats happening on cable television. Essentially, the viewer is receiving less entertainment at higher costs. And I haven’t even mentioned the ads and commercials.

So as a result of overwhelming bombardment of sell sell sell of commercial advertisements on cable, people are looking elsewhere. They are looking in several venues to get their entertainment, news, and information. This is why podcasts are extremely in demand. Several of the favored ones receive millions of views and followers.

I am one of those people who has ditched traditional cable, and finding inspiration, information, and entertainment via podcasts! I usually view my favorite ones on Youtube. So, I put together a list of some of the shows that I sincerely enjoy. Read on to learn about my top podcasts: that are engaging, intriguing, and entertaining.

Best Podcasts Worth Listening To

Some of my favorite topics to listen to or watch are related to health and wellness. There are a few really interesting and knowledgeable resources out there. And what makes viewing these discussions so invaluable, is because they involve real people and mostly real situations. It’s usually not a script or a screenplay. So, here are some of my favorite podcasts.

Dr. Eric Berg, D.C.

Dr. Berg is an author, speaker and medical professional who covers a wide range of health related topics. With over 11 million subscribers and a special membership offering, his channel/podcast sheds light and valuable information that anyone can appreciate.

Chris Williamson | Modern Wisdom

The Modern Wisdom Podcast can be found in various venues including Spodify and Youtube. Chris Williamson is the host and offers an engaging peek into numerous interesting topics. His guests alone will have you not wanting to stop listening. You’ll be listening to inspiring stories that will motivate you!

Pat Bet-David | PBD Podcast and Valuetainment

A direct example of someone accomplishing the American dream. Patrick is an Iranian immigrant whose family escaped communism to live in a more free society. They first arrived into Germany, then finally making it to the United States.

With no formal education, Patrick was so driven that he read dozens and dozens of books. He ends up starting his own insurance company, and now is an accomplished author, runs podcasts, owns a club, and has one of the most successful channels on Youtube.

Shawn Ryan Show

Former Navy Seal and CIA Contractor, Shawn Ryan has proven success in civilian life can be achieved after military service. Although his journey getting here was challenging, Ryan has proven his grit and hard work. His podcast boasts over 2 million subscribers, and a primary focus of his brand includes giving back and helping veterans.

Chadd Wright | 3 of 7 Project

This podcast and brand is certainly a one. A former Navy Seal, entrepreneur, businessman; Chadd Wright is an accomplished ultra marathon runner. He speaks truth. Listening to Chadd will make you think. He is genuine, no BS, and is quite entertaining.

He and his brother, Blake, created 3 of 7 Project. It is explained as a body, soul, spirit concept and that each and everyone of us holds. This is because it’s necessary to live a total complete life according to the Wright brothers. As you listen or watch, you will go into a journey with Chadd as he takes to places you may have to dig deep into your soul. Learn more about Rite of Passage and this extraordinary experience.

Mike Ritland | Mike Drop Podcast

Based out of Texas, this former Navy Seal slash dog trainer offers an interesting perspective on life, military, and canines. Mike Ritland is also an accomplished author whose books are on the New York TImes Best Sellers list. His list of peculiar guests include the survival specialist, Cody Lundin, journalist Laura Logan, and several military war veterans.

Final Thoughts on My Favorite Podcasts

The frustration that results in trying to find valuable entertainment is alarming these days. Because of the mainstream media pushing biased information and one sided narratives, one can understand why people are ditching traditional cable television. The vast array of topics, subject matter, and hosts-guests are numerous! There is certainly no shortage of entertainment, inspiration, and enlightenment when you experience any of these podcasts I name above.

Do you have a favorite podcast? Or do you have any shows or topics you can recommend to me? Tell me in the comments section.


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