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Military veteran turned adventurer traveler blogger!

Thank you for being here. My blog, FitLifeTravel is a place where I share my passion for life. This entails my love for exploration, adventure, fitness, nutrition, music and art; living life to the fullest. I take you along my journey of the experiences I’ve had over the past five years of mostly travel and hiking adventures.

After a life changing experience five years ago, it led to create FitLifeTravel. Life is gift in my opinion, and too short to dwell on negative happenings. So, I turned this situation into a positive and started my blog. Several hiking and travel adventures here are to places that may be common and or popular. But a few include unique challenges that a select folks have done.

One of the most memorable adventures entails climbing to the top of the iconic Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. It is unique because I completed it at the age of 50. Another amazing trekking experience is hiking to the Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven) in Hawaii. There are many more detailed fascinating stories throughout my blog.

I hope you enjoy this expedition on the roads less traveled, discovering hidden gems, and remarkable outdoor experiences. My goal is to inspire fitness through an active lifestyle. You are invited to come along and be inspired. If you are interested in working together and collaborating, please reach out. Welcome! ~Shannon

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