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Shannon is the founder of Fitlifeandtravel and hopes to inspire you everyday to find adventure no matter where you are. Feel alive! Life Maximized!

Summer of Sunsets

Summer is one of my favorite times of year, so I wanted to compile a recap of some of the most spectacular #sunsets in places I have had the privilege of visiting. In the last 10 months, I have had the opportunity to go exploring and travel a […]

Coastal Road Trip Expedition*Part 1

Coastal Road Trip Expedition Part 1: California Coast * Mavericks and Pebble Beach* Streetart It’s an adventurers dream to make the road trip of 2700 miles, visiting 3 states, and sleeping in 7 different cities. Not to mention capturing over 1000 images of stunning landscapes, blue crystal waters, […]

Weekly Fat burning Routine

I am always looking for effective and easy techniques to stay trim and fit. Most people have such busy schedules and use excuses not to stay healthy and exercise. I am always sharing ideas with my friends and family about these great short exercise and fat burning video […]