Sleep Like A Baby With GhostBed Sheets|Review

Living a healthy lifestyle as a travel blogger is not easy. There are several variables involved and sometimes it takes lots of work and planning. One of the key ingredients to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is getting a great night’s sleep. Sleep is essential to efficient body functions, wellness, and feeling in tip top shape.

Healthy, Clean, Easy Yummy Recipes!

Throughout the year, you might be faced with several special events and holidays that put pressure on you to make unhealthy eating choices. Or you might be someone who faces this each and every day. I was one of those people who enjoyed eating breads, pastas, baked goods, and indulging in over eating during the

The Himalayan Salt Cave In North Dakota!

The Himalayan Salt Cave In North Dakota was total relaxation with the rejuvenating atmosphere that surrounds you. As well as the deep breathing of purifying air from the Himalayan salt draining toxins and other impurities. This is more than just another day at the spa. My sister and I took a brief and early holiday

Tips On How To Stay Well During Travel

Travel Wellness As much as I love to visit beautiful and exciting places, I most certainly do not enjoy the travel fatigue and discomfort that comes with it. I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest concerns about traveling is getting sick or my back going out.   Unless you are one of

Big Benefits Of Epsom Salt

The many reasons to include Epsom Salt Baths to your fit lifestyle today. Here are a few. The healthy benefits of taking Epsom salt baths are tremendous. I just can’t say enough positive things about Epsom salt. And actually, it is not really a salt as it is a naturally occurring mineral compound of magnesium

Health and Loving Where You Live

Do you find yourself unhappy and continually complaining about everything at this point in your life? Have you ever considered your surroundings or where you live might be affecting your attitude? Occasionally, I find myself complaining about the weather, nasty neighbors, noise pollution, this is what I went through growing up in one of the