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Fit Life Travel has recently created a new series called FitLife Feature. This series will be featuring small businesses related to lifestyle, travel, wellness, and many more! To celebrate Small Business Saturday, I plan to highlight unique companies or businesses to help bring them more exposure and visibility. This is also a reminder to support shopping in your local communities. It’s our small way of giving back as well. Fitlife Company Feature: The Wander Club.


Introducing the Wander Club key chain and tokens for baseball stadiums!! This unique Wanderchain is designed from vintage American baseball gloves. So now you can enjoy collecting the memories from one of the most special iconic pastimes in America throughout history; baseball! At the same time, The Wander Club is operating in an Eco-friendly way while providing you with a rare and unique collectible item! Here is more about why I love this collection:

baseball stadium wanderclub tokens
  • No two Wanderchains are the same.
  • Each baseball Wanderchain has its unique marks.
  • Has that sentimental leather smell.
  • Some have sun faded coloring, some have no coloring or holes.
  • The baseball Wanderchain can be monogrammed as well. (These are not returnable).

Ideas to collect your memories with Wanderclub

The wonderful part of experiences and travel is making them! So, when you put them all together by way of the travel tokens, you can look back at your Wanderchain and smile! But now you can collect more things that bring joy to you! Here are some ideas and ways to customize your passions by way of Wanderclub token keychain.

  • Baseball Stadium tokens
  • Monuments
  • States visited
  • Landmarks
  • Customized messages

When many people travel to unique places or visit someplace new, they like to pick up souvenirs. These items may start to pile up in your personal space and lead to holding onto ‘stuff.’ We say abandon the stuff, and collect the experience! I always say that you can’t take the physical things and stuff with you when you leave this earth, but you’ve always got your memories!

travel keychain countries
Collect your travels

The Wander Club is opening up and hoping to bring you even more ways to collecting memories! Offering an array of unique products and clothing, the Wander Club tokens are an easy convenient way to remember your travels. This quality Wander Club gift is something that any travel or adventure lover would enjoy!

Wander club token
travel keychain charms
The Wander Club chain and tokens

One item in particular, The Wanderchain, is a product that you can collect something called travel tokens. So, basically in lieu of collecting things, you can collect tokens from the places you’ve traveled to. This is a wonderful way to celebrate your love for travel and you!

national park keychain tokens
National park keychain tokens

The Wander chain is handcrafted and made with the highest quality and most sustainable materials available. And made in the USA! They are committed to keeping materials and the craftsmanship domestic to the United States.

national park keychain tokens
Wanderclub National Park keychain tokens

According to The Wander Club, the vegetable tanned leather products rely solely on plant extracts. Which thereby help to develop its strength and beauty. This in turn reduces the negative impact on the environment by approximately 95%. They believe in Eco-friendly materials, quality and sustainability. Now I call that one impressive company!

You will notice not only the quality of the this beautiful Wander chain, but the beautiful packaging as well! The Wander Club token is a terrific way to collect experiences of travel, special places, cities, or countries. The Wander chain is an excellent way to collect travel memories and commemorate your trips!

travel token keychain
The Wanderchain and tokens

The Wander Club also gives back in a very special way! For every order placed, they will donate a meal to a hungry child. They have teamed up with a non-profit partner called Rice Bowls. So when you make a purchase with the Wander Club, you are literally helping change the world!

We invite you to join the Wander Club and remember to follow us on social and with your order you can receive a 15% discount when you use the coupon code: FITLIFETRAVEL at checkout.

Join the Wander Club today!

wanderclub token
Wanderclub travel tokens
Every order feeds a child in need!
Help Save The World With Your Order

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