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6 Easy Exercises To Do With One Tool While On Travel

One of my favorite activities to do is hiking. Most of the hiking trails we explore can range from the local mountains in Southern California or large canyons and cliffs in the National Parks. Some of these hikes can present challenges and requires strength and flexibility. But prior to even thinking about the actual hiking adventure, many of us have to travel to get that unique destination. Although some hiking trails I do on my weekends are right in my back yard or in the local area.

I do take precaution in preparing for air travel and / or road trip travel when it comes to staying well and fit. Here are a few ideas to preventing getting ill or sick while on airplane travel: How To Stay Well During Travel Now, I am adding some ideas on how to stay strong and flexible with one tool that will fit in your suitcase while you travel. It’s as simple as the rubber bands of fitness. DSC_0005

These movements and exercise techniques can be done right in your hotel room before you head out the door for your work day or travel for leisure day! The rubber fitness bands have a handle (for holding onto) and an attachment piece that you can connect or wrap around the handle of a door – and you close the door tightly.


Here are some exercise technique ideas:
Anterior and Posterior Deltoid: Shoulder area


  1. 20 movements on Anterior-(front) part of the shoulder muscles (each arm)
  2. 20 movements on Posterior (Rear) part of the shoulder muscles (each arm)
  3. 20 movements for backward Triceps extensions (each arm)

4.  Bicep Curls:  Next, I place the rubber fitness band secure under my feet/foot and do bicep curls. (each arm)

5. Side Pulls:  Next, I will angle my foot hold of the fitness band and do a move like I am pulling something beside me. Strengthening Deltoid shoulder area as well as Lats (Latissimus Dorsi area) See pic:DSC_0010 ARM PULLS

6. Leg Abductor (outer thigh) and Adductor (inner thigh): 20 repetitions side extensions, then take the foot grasp of rubber fitness band and cross over one leg to target the inner thigh for 20 repetitions.


You can also add some stretching and yoga poses to finish your quick and easy exercise workout while on travel! These are simply a few basic ideas to help you maintain some strength and flexibility especially after sitting in cramped spaces for long periods of time. This will help maintain some blood flow to your muscles and hope that it will help you enjoy your travel destination so much more!


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