Hiking is one of the most enjoyable and healthy activities one can do. Take a journey with us and explore some of the most incredible hiking trails in the US. You’ll enjoy seeing and learning about some of the nations national parks, beautiful beaches, and several hiking trails across the country.

Palm Springs, CA: Art Smith Trail and PS Art Museum

There is no place like the desert for a peaceful serene enjoyable hike. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday in February. Perfect weather and 80 degrees so we made our way to the Art Smith Trail for a morning hike.


In addition to enjoying views looking down on Palm Springs, I also took in some art. I came upon the Fay Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden at the Palm Spring Art Museum. The tranquil sounds of the rock waterfall, and approximately 10 significant sculpture works positioned throughout these beautiful gardens.  It does not take long to view and browse through the gardens. This is a nice way to spend an hour or two enjoying the quiet and peaceful waterfalls and birds.

Beautiful art and creations throughout the Palm Springs area.  Below, this is near the Shadow Ridge Golf Club in Palm Desert.


Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Poway, CA

The 700 acre oak-lined canyon is full of natural beauty, and coastal sage shrubs that line this beautiful hiking trail.  There are four habitats of the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve;  The Chaparral  Coastal or Inland, Sage Shrub,  Oak Woodland,  Riparian. The animals of this natural hiking trail reserve include the following:
Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Coyote, Mule Deer, Rabbits, and Ground Squirrel. Take a look and tour this hiking trail with us.   Lake Ramona Hiking Trail