Music is the core to life! It can bring so much happiness and good health to your daily life! So, this page is dedicated so the beautiful music and sounds that will make you smile for the day or laugh. No matter the genre, music is beautiful; so I’ve searched for some of the most unique and heartfelt music to share with you here.

This video is what I captured while attending a Yanni musical performance in San Diego. This was a treat to see!

Check out this old classic tune using only a guitar and voice. The old fashioned way to music.

Build My Mansion

Mansion Over The Hilltop

Charlie’s Shoes Song

Here is another clip of a short rendition of one of the songs I played in a talent show many years ago and can still play it!

Chariots of Fire

Rock of Ages


I’ve been diving into the art world these days and trying my hand at watercolor painting. Here are a few of my pieces I’ve completed. I’ve also made a couple greeting cards for Mother’s Day, I painted a few of my mother’s (and mother in law) favorite things. Tulips and Humingbirds. I’ve also painted scenes of some of my favorite places such as the ocean and nature landscapes. One of my ocean marine life pieces is inspired by Robert Wyland Take a look.

On one of our visits to Hawaii, my family and I were shopping for art pieces to decorate our home, and we visited a Wyland Gallery that was formerly located in the Aloha Tower shopping center, and we actually met and spoke with Wyland’s brother, Bill. So, that was a thrill to meet him and chat about he and his brother and their lives in the art business.

Wylands websites:
Bill Wyland Galleries



Marine life. Art piece inspired by Wyland.
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