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Health and Loving Where You Live

UPDATED: Since we are all rediscovering home at this time due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, I think you may find this article interesting and you may remind yourself that home may actually be where your heart is.

Do you find yourself unhappy and continually complaining about everything at this point in your life? Have you ever considered your surroundings or where you live might be affecting your attitude? Occasionally, I find myself complaining about the weather, nasty neighbors, noise pollution, this is what I went through growing up in one of the coldest states in America (North Dakota). There are studies showing that health and loving where you live are possibly connected.

Change of Seasons

Every year, I used to dread the winter season that seem to come too quick. I knew that by August 1ST, leaves on the trees began to turn yellow in color. In my mind, this means it is the end of my precious beloved Summer. And the beginning of life indoors; wearing several layers of clothing, and doing very little physical activity.

Change of Seasons. Loving Where You Live. Fitlifeandtravel.com
Change of Seasons

There are several people who love fall and wintertime. There is so much to do and it can be extraordinarily beautiful. For example, snow capped mountains, or a sunset on a flowing creek surrounded by snow. Winter season reminds me of my childhood mostly, which is wonderful.

What Makes You Happy

As an adult, I do prefer to live in areas with warmer climates. Life seems so much easier in warm comfortable climates. I find myself so much happier, more active, and enjoying my daily life more in the Spring and Summer seasons. But there are many people who love the change of seasons as well. There are plenty of folks who love the change of seasons. Although my entire family lives in colder weather states, I will always choose warm weather living.

I am discovering however, as I grow older, the more I appreciate the seasons. I actually love the Fall season. I enjoy seeing the colors of yellow, red, and orange on the trees. The crisp air also brings a sense of new beginnings and excitement for what the future holds.

Happiness = Healthy

This begs the question, do you love the place where you live? Does being happy contribute to improved or better health? There has been many studies done on these very questions. Is loving where you live connected to being physically healthier? According to Livescience.com, a gallup poll says that people satisfied with their community are physically healthier. And continues to say that a survey can’t draw a causal link between community and individual health, but research suggests the two are linked.   Read complete article here:

You may also want to put high regards to ‘community’ when choosing where to live. During tough times or tragic events, the folks in your community can really be strong support. We recently moved to a new community in Florida, and the folks here have been so gracious, friendly, and very welcoming. It truly does give you a sense of safety, security, and a loving home.

Final Thoughts

The next time you find yourself feeling down or unhappy, you might consider your environment and surroundings. You might also take the time to appreciate where you are. Find the beauty of the place you are right now. Rediscover your home and community, especially during the tough times. But if you are planning a move, make sure to think about the things that make YOU happy. Including climate and weather as well as community!

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