It is now official, the Christmas holiday season has arrived in full swing! And shopping for gifts for your family, friends, and co-workers does not have to be difficult. As you begin to dive into your scavenger hunt for that perfect something for your special someone, make a plan. How to find cyber Monday & shop small deals guide.

Your plan might begin by implementing a strategy that works. This strategy can help you work around the busiest shopping days of the year. Or should I say the glide through the Black Friday weekend and beyond. Which can be extremely assiduous. But we can slow things down and minimize the stress that accompanies this time of year. The goal is to avoid crowded places for one.

Take the Stress Out Of Holiday Shopping

One of the best ways to avoid crowded places is to shop at home first. You can shop from home online for ideas of what your gift recipients might be interested in. Shopping online allows you peace and quiet and the ability to compare items and products. Then you can start to compare prices of these items.

Wander Club Chain.
Cyber Monday Deals

Back to searching for gift ideas; this task alone can be very challenging. Especially if you don’t know the person all that well. You can however, sit down and begin writing down people who you are shopping for. Then add a few notes related to what that persons personality is or if you remember a conversation you had with them and they mentioned something they enjoyed.

How To Determine What Gifts To Give

Holiday gift guides

It is very helpful if you can remember something about a conversation that you can relate to a gift or something special to give that person. If you have no luck finding something special and great gifts online, then it might be time to try shopping local.

Shopping local may include visiting small unfamiliar shops in your area. There are so many benefits that come from purchasing from local owned shops including helping the overall community. This also supports your neighbors and small business owners. One of the strategies to apply into your shopping adventures this season is to avoid the big box stores and shop small.

Holiday Gift Guide

Avoiding the big box stores can potentially lower the stress that always is associated with the holiday season. Because we all have a desire to feel upbeat and happy during the holidays. The holidays area time to be thankful and give to others or simply sharing kindness and thoughtfulness. So, we don’t want to experience too much stress that would impede on this wonderful time of year.

And what a wonderful time of year it is! The holidays are my most favorite time of year! My goal is to spread positive vibes full of cheer and joy to you and your families! I have teamed up with several affiliate partners that offer wonderful products and services.

A “How To” Cyber Monday Shop Small Guide

I am sharing these very special deals and discounts offered by partner affiliates with all of you! Also included in this holiday gift guide are a few small businesses created by fellow adventure and travel blogger friends of mine.

The Wander Club

One of the top sellers among my partner affiliates is The Wander Club wander chain. This is a favored gift among all sorts of travelers, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts. See my product review:

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Epic Water Filters

Adventure accessories like having an Epic Water Filter to accompany you is priceless! This makes a unique gift for that explorer and adventure lover! Sale goes from November 23 to November 29, use the code: EPICBFSALE25 for 25% off.

REI Cyber Sales and Deals: A “How To” Cyber Monday Guide

Get adventure on a budget! Check out all these amazing deals from REI with Gifts under $50.

Pura Vida Bracelets® With a Purpose

The process of living a simple life is really not difficult. This is the true meaning of “Pura Vida” or pure life. Living a pure life can mean finding the beauty in all things. Or it can be finding solace behind life’s smallest moments.

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Great Gift Ideas from Fellow Travel Blogger Friends of FitLifeTravel

Get lost while wandering through life’s wilderness and adventure! Blogger WhereGalsWander takes you on a journey from exploring the mountains and forests to finding street art in the city. Follow along with Zanne, founder and Chief Trouble Maker of WhereGalsWander as she ventures to national parks, chases wild horses in the desert and is always facing challenges that life brings. And while on this epic life journey, Zanne created a new venture; which is her online shop. A shop supporting women and veterans.

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Give the Gift of Imagination and Reading

Linda Ballou is not your average everyday travel writer. She takes you right along with her in her epic excursions on land and sea! You can’t help be delve into her writings and never be distracted or tempted to put her books down. The places and travels that Linda has experienced will definitely captivate you. Whether its trekking through mountains or deep sea kayaking, this adventurous explorer will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Check out which journey you want to go on!

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The Best Early Cyber Monday Deals to Shop Now

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