There is nothing more enjoyable, in my opinion, than exploring the vast landscapes around the U.S. And the mountains in Montana are no exception. Montana is one of those states that people can fall in love with. And this is a different kind of love. It’s something that touches deep in your soul and let’s you know how lucky you are to be there.

Discover beautiful Montana landscaping

I do consider myself lucky to be able to visit this amazing state of pure beauty. Just the wide open space throughout the grasslands make you appreciate how special this place is. Then wait until you reach into the mountains, which will certainly take your breath away.

Montana Mountains up close exclusive video

In addition to mountains, Montana landscapes are quite diverse. Although Montana may seem quite large, its topography is quite simple. Depending upon what side of the state you are coming from, you will learn quickly how much flat open space prairie lands make up a large portion of the state. This is what you will find coming from the eastern side of Montana.

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Most beautiful places in Montana

Now as you make your way from the eastern side, you will see different landscapes heading west. Again, with respect to diversity, you will find mountains and glaciers on more of the western side of the state. This mountain range makes up the Rocky Mountains in the north. This is where you will find Glacier National Park. Whether its the sparkling lakes, snow capped peaks, or hanging valleys, Montana is a place to fall in love with.

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There is so much more to fall in love with as well. These Rocky Mountains in Montana actually extend even further north. This is why Glacier National Park is one of the world’s first International Peace Park. Sharing the peaks with Canada, the other side of Glacier is known as Waterton Park.

The designation is a symbol marking a sincere friendship and common boundary. The symbol of friendship also means a sharing respect and love for nature. Nature here also means protecting the glaciers, which is what the park is named after.

The Historical Glaciers of the Montana Rockies

The cool thing making this International park so special are the glaciers. There are at least 35 glaciers with names in the park, and 25 are active today. At one time, the region making up Glacier National Park contained 150 glaciers during the Ice Age.

Comparing the bears in Glacier National Park Montana. Click on image above.

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