FitLife and Travel has recently created a new series called FitLife Feature. This series features small businesses related to lifestyle, travel, wellness, and many more! To support and celebrate Small Business Saturday, I will be highlighting unique companies and local small businesses to help bring them more exposure and visibility. This is also a reminder to support shopping in your local communities, especially during these challenging times. It’s our small way of giving back as well. Fitlife Company Feature: Xcent Travel.

Xcent Travel

Do you have your travel dream list yet? What destinations and adventures will you be adding to it in 2021? This week’s Fitlife Company Feature is Xcent Travel! Sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about how your vacation planning can be all coordinated by Kes at Xcent Travel!

Xcent Travel for real vacations


Kes started in the travel industry as an agent with a massive travel giant, after years of traveling around the world. She wanted to share her own love for seeing the world with others and found the perfect opportunity. The one thing she noticed with the company she worked for is that it was essentially a Walmart of travel. Everything was cookie cutter and prepackaged. While an agent was able to add things to an itinerary to make it a bit more unique, custom requests were extremely difficult to fulfill.

Xcent Travel

Personal Travel Concierge

This is where the idea of the Personal Travel Concierge came from, an agency that focuses on what makes a trip special for each individual. However, creating individualized trips is not enough to really be a concierge. There has to be a level of service to each customer that ensures they are heard and their desires are catered to.

Xcent Travel

Real Vacations

That is what Xcent Travel is all about. Vacations are meant to relax, recharge, and connect with the world around us and the people we share it with. Our travel specialists create carefully crafted itineraries with 24/7 white-glove service. We have agents specializing in every destination, with years of destination training, so they know exactly what there is to do, what to see, and what to eat. Our job is to make travel both accessible and seamless for everyone. 

Xcent Travel

Are You Ready For Your Next Adventure?

Ready for your next adventure? Reach out to them at and one of their specialists will be ready to help you see the world. 

Xcent Travel


Xcent Travel

Kes S.
Xcent Travel
Chief Travel Specialist & Director of Group Reservation Services
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