Travel writer, Linda Ballou conveys a more personal perspective to the Lost Angel Adventure trilogy with Lost Angel Unleashed. The third installment takes you deeper into some of her extraordinary excursions into the wild. Ballou also talks about her early push into the unknown as a very young teenager. Being sent off to live with someone she barely knew, thousands of miles away from home.

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Facing Your Fears

Perhaps this is the kind of experience that might inspire anyone. As it did Ballou and forced her to face her fears directly, a scramble through unchartered landscapes, and chance upon a destructive sea storm in Hawaii. If you want to learn about this brave wild seeking adventurer, Linda Ballou shares her remarkable stories from the heart which will definitely take you there.

Stories from the Heart

Linda reminds me of a brave pioneer woman full of ambition to see and experience every aspect of life. Actually, her written works, “Embrace the Wild entails the story of an ambitious traveler Isabella Bird during the 1800s. This is a tale of courage, strength, and adventure all while enduring pain. Ms. Bird had health issues that nearly crippled her but didn’t hinder her from traveling. I thoroughly enjoyed this particular writing of an educated strong woman who ends up in an unlikely romance with a mountain man. There are many accounts of wild excursions that will have you on the edge of your seat in Lost Angel Unleashed.

Adventurous Chronicles With Linda Ballou

If adventure and exploring the wild is what you are looking for, then you will certainly find it in the Lost Angel Adventure Trilogy. Reading Linda’s adventurous chronicles brings a tremendous amount of joy to me. Especially, when reading about how Linda drops everything in her life and ends up living on the island of Kauai. She details her experiences as though you are right there with her. And Hawaii is one of my favorite places on earth.

Reading Linda’s stories from the heart is an experience in itself because of the process of how she takes you with her. The third edition of Lost Angel Unleashed brings you closer to knowing Linda and her intimacy with nature. She invites you into her world at specific moments when she faces tests in life.

Nature is Life

Nature and exploring the unknown is similar to living life. Facing challenges, learning to adapt, planning, and confronting the unexpected. You will certainly understand this when you read Linda’s journals of trekking through the wild as well as life.

Lose yourself reading the Lost Angel Adventure trilogy; especially Stories from the Heart, which will bring answers and complete the extraordinary saga of escapades and then some. You can find all of Linda’s works at Linda Ballou Author as well as on Amazon and wherever books are sold. I highly recommend these books to anyone who loves nature exploration, thrilling excursions, and discovering yourself again.


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