Being savvy and efficient in today’s world is incredibly important. It’s important especially when it comes to traveling. The act of traveling has become rather stressful these days. Mostly because of the additional time needed to go through security to get to your gate. So now it requires even more time out of your day. We already have only limited time on earth to spend on the good things. Spending your time on commuting isn’t what life is really meant to be about. It’s time to say hello to Repeatabl Travel Systems. Read on to learn more.

How to pack light. Repeatabl Travel

Checking Baggage Is Expensive

Life should be about filling your time on things that bring you joy and happiness. It shouldn’t be spent on tasks or activities that stress you out and cause anxiety. This leads me now to discuss packing and the cost of luggage with airline travel. 

Checking your bags has become extremely expensive. So I have become very creative when it comes to packing. I never pay to check a bag or luggage. I am a backpack traveler everywhere I go.

Become A Backpack Traveler

Now, every now and then the opportunity to get a free baggage check on a long trip is available and I’ll do it. Because I am more apt to travel with a small carryon bag for most of my travels, I need space.

I also do not want to sacrifice my hygiene or health. Because of the limited space to bring my personal products, etc. This is why I want to introduce to you Repeatabl Travel.


Innovative Travel System

Repeatabl Travel is a system consisting of reusable pods that will securely hold your personal creams, foundation, moisturizers, sunscreen, lotions, and other items. These pod cases easily snap together into one unit to be stashed into your TSA approved quart size toiletry case or make-up bag. The discovery of this travel system is a game changer for frequent travelers especially.

Business Traveler Companion

One frequent traveler I’d like to introduce is the company inventor, Jenny. As Jenny mentions, there is no freedom like being a ‘carryon’ traveler where one does not have to waste time. It can definitely consume more of your travel time dealing with baggage claim.

So you might assume that packing lighter is a solution. However, professional women who travel frequently in most cases do need their personal health and beauty products, but do not want to bring the entire container.

The desire to feel and look our best to perform at maximum capacity is the goal, right? And having the freedom and flexibility during work travel trips are why Jenny developed Repeatable Travel Systems.

Because traveling on short business trips of just a few days, all a person needs are just a few pumps of their personal products. For example; items such as moisturizer or foundation, etc. By implementing this travel system into your travel routine, it will help make planning and packing much easier.

Here are some benefits Repeatabl Travel provides:

  • Streamlined Packing – Say goodbye to bulky containers. Repeatabl’s travel-sized pods are designed to perfectly fit your favorite skincare products, allowing you to pack light and efficiently. No more compromising on your must-haves!
  • Carry more in less space – Repeatabl consists of 6 pods that are held into place with magnets. A hidden spatula fits neatly underneath the pods for hygienic product application.
    • This gives you the ability to bring 6 different skin care products in your quart bag leaving you plenty of room for multiple other products.
  • Leak proof and mess free – 100% leak proof design means you don’t have to worry about your products leaking all over in your bag.
  • Eco-Conscious Choice – Repeatabl is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly. Made from durable and reusable materials, it helps reduce waste generated by single-use plastic containers. It’s a win for your skincare routine and the planet!
  • TSA Friendly – No more worrying about getting your beloved skin care products taken away at security checks. Repeatabl is TSA friendly for ease of passing through security checks.


Living in a busy world doesn’t have to be stressful. And being savvy and efficient does not have to be difficult. Because traveling with a sense of flexibility and freedom isn’t out of reach and anyone can achieve this.

Repeatabl Travel Systems can help you travel with ease and assurance. Because now you can take all your health or beauty items with you. All in one secure, clean, safe, convenient size container. It’s traveling on your terms essentially. 

You can learn more about Repeatabl Travel as well as its inventor, Jenny at Repeatabltravel. I am happy to share this innovative travel product and company with you. As I continue my goals to highlight small businesses in the U.S.

I am also encouraging friends and folks to shop local whenever possible. Let’s all work together to help minimize negative impacts of irresponsible big businesses. Join in the movement to help protect our earth.  


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