Amazing Animal Encounters

Polar Bear Exhibit San Diego Zoo

The following images are captions of all the amazing animal encounters we had during our travel adventures in 2017-2019.

Some of our animal encounters are in the wild or in captivity. The following captions are taken at the San Diego Zoo.
Polar Bear San Diego Zoo
Camel at San Diego Zoo
San Diego Zoo
Flamingos San Diego Zoo
Bobcat roaming around Pinnacles National Park in California
Humpback Whale at Channel Islands National Park in California
Pod of dolphins in Channel Islands National Park
Pelicans at La Jolla Cove in California
La Jolla Cove in California
Steller’s Jay in Mammoth Lakes, California
Deer resting in Zion National Park in Utah
Peacock in Kauai Hawaii
Turtle roaming to find water in Parrish Florida
Deep Hole Myakka River State Park in Florida
Seagulls at La Jolla Cove in California
Bison at Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Dakota

We hope you enjoy viewing these captions of wildlife as they were all amazing experiences to witness. Some of the encounters entailed getting up close and personal with the animals. And others required a really good zoom lens on the camera!

Hopefully you too will go explore and seek out unique nature and also get the opportunity to see beautiful animals and capture them.

Tell me about your latest adventure or experience!

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