Outdoor adventure is what life is all about. My beach excursions and kayak expeditions are amazing and full of exploring and fun! But the one thing I needed, I didn’t have. Until recently. Thank you Simari for sending me these convenient, lightweight, and durable water shoes! These shoes have been awesome and work great for all my kayaking and beach adventures all around!

Simari Water Shoes Review
Simari Water Shoes

The lightweight factor makes it so easy to pack up into my beach bag or travel packs. The shoe has a durable anti slip sole which helps protect my feet when walking on the beach or going into the water.

Simari Water Shoes

The upper material part of the shoe is stretchy and flexible to easily slip onto my feet. And the breathable quick dry fabric makes it great to travel with as I just throw them into my bag and go! These are great for kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities!

Beach adventures. Simari Water Shoes.
Beach adventures. Simari Water Shoes

Please check out my review and illustration with the Simari Water Shoes below in my video demonstration below.


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