FitLife Features are back! In my ongoing effort to highlight small businesses doing good, let me introduce you to best backpack coolers with Icemule®. If you are someone who spends much of your time outdoors like me, you need your goodies at hand. It’s important to stay hydrated and have foods with you always while venturing out. Ensuring that you drink fluids and taking in enough food fuel for energy is critical when you’re on the go.

Whether you are adventuring on hiking trails, climbing granite rocks, and or out fishing; you need fluids and fuel to keep going and avoid injury.

Best backpack coolers
Portable Coolers

Early Designs of Cooler

This is where the amazing flexible cooler called Icemule® comes in. These needs listed above are exactly what founder, James Collie experienced while out hiking a long trail with friends in Virginia. With frustration, he ends up all wet with warm drinks and soggy sandwiches from his makeshift day back. This experience ends up resulting in the motivation to push forward of this idea to create a portable and versatile cooler.

Backpack Coolers

Innovative Designs With You in Mind

Comprised of durable waterproof material; Icemule® coolers are designed for portability and offers freedom like nothing before. There is a style and design with any adventure in mind from casual to challenging. You will find a cooler to match with whatever your activity needs are.

Waterproof backpack cooler
Best coolers for beach days

Icemule® Coolers Great for Families

We are all engaged with life’s activities and other recreational functions and events. These coolers are great for everyday use! They are meant to be easy and flexible offering you the freedom to be on the go. Families with kids find these coolers extremely useful for necessities and lunches. They can be a life saver if you need to keep medicines chilled. Road trips have a perfect companion with Icemule® Coolers having lunch, drinks, and snacks at a moment’s reach.

Versatile Cooler Backpack For Adventures

Small backpack cooler
Small backpack cooler

Enjoying lunch and drinks at the beach, you will quickly find out how beneficial this cooler is. Soaking in the hot sunshine and sparking waters can dehydrate you quickly. There is nothing better than grabbing a cold drink while at the beach. These innovative coolers are quite comfortable to wear and carry while slumming at the beach, taking a hike or simply just on the go.

You can enjoy comfort while adventuring. The selection of styles and colors are also vast and beautiful! The Icemule® Classic will keep your beverages cold for 24 hours. But do not judge this small cooler by its size as it will fit six cans and ice to keep them cold. From beautiful bright colors to camouflage and solids to patterns, you will find one that fits you and your personality.

Ergonomically Design Cooler

Keeping your food and drinks cold on your adventures is very important to any outdoor enthusiast. Icemule® Coolers are designed similar to a backpack, but with added comfort, flexibility, and durability. Ergonomically created with 100% hands free in mind!

With ergonomics in mind as well, you will find these impressive coolers manufactured from their own proprietary MuleSkin™ fabrics. In addition to something known as IM AirValve™. Together with the welded seams and double-padded straps; you’ve got one well built product that will certainly last!

Best Backpack Coolers

Whether you are camping or fishing, you will find these coolers to fulfill your needs. These needs of having refreshing snacks, food, and drinks with you wherever you go. In the case of fishing, Icemule® coolers are perfect to store your catches and keep chilled on an excursion. A company that gives back and makes great products while reducing waste and recycling is right in line with FitLifeTravel.

Backpack Cooler Company Giving Back To Charity

Life is full of adventures, mishaps, and busy lifestyles. And since there always negative forces out there trying to pull us down, I want to be a rebel and encourage positive energy always! I seek out adventures to share with you to help you adventure better. I also share good businesses that can help make life better for you.   

These businesses can help make our lives better, but they also must be responsible and do good in other ways as well. Icemule® donates over 1,000 coolers to charities every year. They’ve also been a partner of the All Hands and Hearts charity since 2017. The four star rated volunteer driven disaster relief organization has achieved this mark for six years in a row.

So when you are ready to get your cooler, think about how many folks you will be helping during tough times and disasters.

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