Tucketts * The Ultimate Athletic Foot Gear

As an athletic enthusiast myself, I am always encountering a need for gear that offers comfort, functionality, and therapeutics. This is to primarily help with my muscle recovery from an active lifestyle full of exercise, outdoor activity, and gym time. I am featuring this amazing company to say hats off to Tucketts™, a special company placing ‘people’ in mind as one of the main focuses of operations! Read on to learn more about my Fitlife Company Feature, Tucketts.

Tucketts Toeless  Grip Socks for Everyone

What Are Tucketts?

Open toe Tucketts™ offer tremendous benefits and body consciousness. These toe less stockings are much more than just a pair of socks. This magical piece of foot clothing supports posture alignment and balance. They help stabilize your stance for dynamic movement. As well as creating a neurological conduit in your brain.

Background History

Tucketts Yoga Pilates Socks

It is the Mind* Feet* Body connection that can be the key to extraordinary overall health and wellness! Pilates and Yoga can definitely have an impact on your feet. Which is one of the reasons why founder and CEO, Paola R. Shah created Tucketts. She was aware that several fitness and Pilates studios in her area were implementing wearing socks requirement. But when practicing these forms of exercises; it is critical to enjoy maximum benefits of mind connection, the freedom of bare feet is essential. Therefore, Tucketts was born!

Tucketts Toeless  Grip Socks for Everyone

Tucketts Purpose

The Tucketts Company is one that uses 100% tree free packaging for its business operations! It prides itself on sustainability and giving back! Tucketts works with the Dunna Corporation, and supports Tucketts For Peace, Tucketts For Trees, and Tucketts For Bees initiatives!

Please enjoy these functional and athletic foot gear products below. With every purchase, Tucketts makes a donation on your behalf to the Dunna Corporation. A partner dedicated to working toward a common goal of promoting mental health, emotional recovery, and coexistence throughout Columbia populations.

Tucketts Products * Open Toe Socks

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