Adventure and travel can take you near and far. We have recently taken numerous trips including coastal road trips, adventure hikes, exploring dark caves and so much more. In order to experience a successful trip or excursion, one must have the right essentials. This page contains reviews of particular products or clothing I and my husband have used or worn during our travels and adventures. Unless noted, these are not sponsored posts they are solely based on our opinions and experiences only.

Fitlife Feature:

The Wander Club.

Hi there my friends! I wanted to share with you this really cool thing I received from a company called the Wander Club. You gotta check out this beautiful packaging too! The Wanderchain is a wonderful way to collect travel memories and commemorate your trips!

Instead of collecting ‘things’, you can collect engraved tokens for all any country, state, or national park that you have visited! The Wanderchain is handcrafted and made with the highest quality and most sustainable materials available. Made in the USA!

The Wander Club is also giving back! For every order placed, they will donate a meal to a hungry child. They have teamed up with a non-profit partner called Rice Bowls. So when you make a purchase with the Wander Club, you are literally helping change the world!

I also want to share with you a little more details about the Wanderchain. This beautiful token chain is comprised of both sustainable vegan leather and vegetable-tanned leather. The Wander Club is committed to keeping materials and the craftsmanship domestic to the United States.

The vegetable tanned leather products rely solely on plant extracts to develop strength and its beauty. This in turn reduces the negative impact on the environment by ~95%. They believe in eco-friendly materials, quality and sustainability. Now I call that one impressive company!

Please make sure to follow me on my social pages, and with your order you can receive a 20% discount when you use the coupon code: FITLIFE at checkout. Join us and get yours Wanderchain today!

Join the Wander Club today!


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