Are you frustrated about what has been going on and uncertain if your gifts arrived on time? No worries, I have the perfect idea for a gift without all those concerns! This time of year can be so consumed with stress, overeating, no exercise, drinking, and much more! Here is an idea that is easy and convenient! This gift card is different because it is unique and it can be customized to… Read More

Welcome to your home for fitness and fun! It is time to take a Yoga break today! Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend my friends! It is that time again to get motivated! It can be very challenging in today’s work environment which primarily consists of sitting at a desk and zoom calls. As a result of the pandemic, these negative outcomes must be reversed. Let’s make a huge effort to… Read More

Staying healthy and living longer can be a challenging and difficult task these days. There is a tremendous amount of stress within our lives nowadays. Some of these stresses are created from new technology and the sedentary characteristics that come with it. Other stress factors include work life which can play a significant role in our health. We all live extremely busy lifestyles nowadays, so some of our food choices are chosen… Read More