The most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are here in full swing now, and I couldn’t be more excited! It has been another year of uncertainty and unknowns for many people. Travel, however, has finally opened up again in many parts of the world. This time of year can also be very hectic and stressful for some folks out there. Whether you plan to travel either close by or across… Read More

I recently received a package of fitness sport socks to try out and share how I like them. The socks arrived in a very sturdy small box protecting the items inside. I look forward to getting much use of the three pairs of socks for not only exercising at the gym, but I will be testing further in my future hiking adventures. Some of which will be wet hikes, and very useful… Read More

The diversity of the desert is staggering from the cool mountain forests to the desert wild flowers flourishing during the super bloom season. Arizona might be known best for its golden desert sunsets and calming mountain trails. Our many visits to Arizona were full of unique experiences and retreat! Having visited during all the different seasons, including the summertime; the nature and adventure are just as exciting and fun! This is why… Read More

Haunted mysterious hiking trails San Diego

The rusty color shaded leaves fluttering in the wind, birds singing as they fly above, the smell of eucalyptus in the air, and the crunching of the leaves below your feet. This is how California hiking can be described. I share with you some of the most diverse, unique, and spectacular hiking trails in or around the San Diego area. But some of these trails are not your average peaceful quiet hiking… Read More

Yoga fitness adventure

There is no better time to get fit and healthy than right now! Spring into fitness just in time for summer by adding some fun exercise and healthy options to your daily routine! I am reintroducing Yoga Download for this month’s FitLife feature.Yoga Download is yoga for busy people! This company provides all types of online yoga fitness options for the working busy folks out there as well as travelers, office workers,… Read More